Sunday, July 29, 2007

I think I can I think I can

My dear, sweet, smart, and creative niece, Miss Emily Colvin created this blog for me. I might have talked about it forever but she just waited until I went to bed and there you go it's done. It helps that she knows what the secret keys on the computer are for... She tries to tell me but I'm slow to catch on. I have always thought I just wanted to know what I needed for what I was doing on the computer at the time. But I think I should have paid closer attention to how it all works together. I'm sure to catch on sooner or later..

There is much to do this week to get ready for the antique show at my friend Diane's in Sublimity..Saturday August 4 early buying at 8am and the sale starts at 10 goes until 4pm the address is 440 NE Cherry Sublimity. Just follow the signs if you have never been there. It will be much fun with lots of my very best friends there selling and buying, not to mention wonderful treasures everywhere.

Sunday I will be at Millennium Plaza Park in Lake Oswego, the address is 200 First St. Lake Oswego, that sale is downtown and on the lake. I am anxious to do it as I have never done one in Lake Oswego, so it will be a new adventure. It also starts at 8am. and goes until 4pm. I will be in a booth next to my friend Isabel Lang, "Tickled Pink" the name of her and her partner Lisa Johnson's business and how I feel about have the two of them as friends..

I put pink polka dots on a taupe umbrella today and painted a metal table and 4 chairs brown to match. I will try and post a picture tomorrow when I finish the project. It is looking very cute. It will be my 'center piece' for the sales. I am also working up more tool boxes and making aprons and purses so I have lots and lots to keep me busy!

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