Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas is Coming

Yesterday while I was at the hardware store, one of the clerks asked if I was doing my last minute shopping.  Seriously who would say this is the time for last minute shopping?  Last minute shopping would be… the day before Christmas Eve.   So in my opinion, I have lots of time,  I’m still in the list making stage.  Sadly my children prefer their gifts not come from the thrift store.  Don’t misunderstand, they are happy to have anything I find used that suits their fancy, they just think Christmas presents should be new, shiny, wrapped and under the Christmas tree.  Great, now I will have to bite the bullet, and do my Santa Mom thing.

I would much rather be having fun with my friends, like last Sunday at Laurie’s cookie exchange.Copy of IMG_5053-1 There were 30 different cookies competing for top awards, check out Laurie’s blog for lots of pictures of these amazing displays.

chirstmas monticello 053

I made a couple of trips to Monticello, I made some Christmas necklaces, that I wanted to deliver.

 chirstmas monticello 072

I wanted to spruce up my space and get a few pictures of what other people had in their space.

chirstmas monticello 079 chirstmas monticello 081

chirstmas monticello 086


Here is a shot of The BH display.chirstmas monticello 089 This is a great advent calendar that Martha made

chirstmas monticello 097Here is a shot of Diane and Donnas' space.

chirstmas monticello 095

This is an adorable idea, wish I had thought of it…

You know I have all the buttons I would need for a few hundred of these.chirstmas monticello 096 There is so much to see at this show.  I will be taking more photo’s when I go this week. If you haven’t been to Monticello’s, the merchandise is constantly being restocked. So it is definitely not too late the show goes through December 27.

I also had a great time at Sheila’s this past week, when I was invited to make come over for a day of art.

Sheila had glass for a all of us to make a house.

Here is Lisa’s.

chirstmas monticello 110

chirstmas monticello 104 


This one is Isabel’s



I decided to do a Christmas house.  I found a piece of a journal that had 3 of our families birth dates.  I used that page for the back and did a little cut and past to put in the other dates. 

chirstmas monticello 108

That was such a fun day, seems like we are always going to get together to do projects, but it takes someone willing to pull it together, to make it happen.  Thank you Sheila for letting us make a wee little mess and have a wonderful time at your house.

chirstmas monticello 115

But the time is over for fun and games, it is time for me to get going on that last minute shopping.


  1. What? No picture of your completed house? What a disappointment.(Just kidding) I am still in the list making phase for Christmas presents as well, so you are not alone. We need to get together for more crafty fun soon!



  2. I am so with you on the last minute thing! What is anyone thinking to even suggest that today, December (what is the date today), would be last minute! I'm still making my list too!

    It was fun having you at the cookie exhcange and I love the houses you guys made! xo, Laurie

  3. Have a GREAT Christmas time with your family!

  4. You have been one busy lady, wow. Enjoy the holidays. Hugs Florence

  5. You'll do great, the hectic part can be fun too! Sometime, grab a gingerbread latte from Starbucks (or egg nog if you're so inclined)!

    Love you,


  6. Love your post! Great shopping ...

    Follow/read us on new blog @

    Merry Christmas ~
    TTFN ~Marydon

  7. How fun! I wish I lived closer to you girly's...I would love an art together day!! xoxo

  8. Merry Christmas Joy and Dave!
    Sue and Joe