Monday, June 14, 2010

Putting the “A” in Auntie

Like most of you this time of year is incredibly busy for me.  The first sighting of summer brought smiles to the faces of many. It was a good thing summer cooperated since we had out door events planned for the entire weekend. 

Its hard to believe Miss Emily, the youngest of my beautiful nieces graduated from high school on Friday.

 emil's graduation 257

And of course no one would be better suited for addressing the group, than she, sharing with us the profound teaching  of Dr. Seuss.

emil's graduation 143

Her sisters arrived with their babies to celebrate with the family.

emil's graduation 227


An Auntie herself, enjoying the moment…


emil's graduation 236 

They just want to be down,

emil's graduation 267

emil's graduation 196

Doing what babies like to do best.






Inspired by Tiffany, the original Fancy Farmgirl, a Sunday brunch brought out friends and family.

emil's graduation 338

emil's graduation 465 emil's graduation 424

emil's graduation 476


Farmboys enjoy their meals!

emil's graduation 341


emil's graduation 342

A Fancy Farmgirl necklace from Auntie Joy.

emil's graduation 384

What a perfect day, for celebrating with a darling girl that makes this Auntie a proud one!

Enough fun for me, it is time to get my working boots back on.

I am off to Denver later this week, where Sheila and I will be attending the Old Glory Antique Show.

I’m bring back lots of treasures to sell, because the next day I’m off for a road trip to San Diego!

I will have details posted soon, but you can see what Cindy has to say about the trip.  Terri has some details that you can check out, it’s her truck pulling the trailer. 

We will be doing a Sale at The Mermaid’s Mercantile, in San Diego

June 26 & 27

I hope if you are in the area you will come by and join us!


  1. I'm so bummed I won't get to meet you when you are in Sand Diego with Terri and my girlfriends down there! You are going to have so much fun with some fabulous women!!

  2. Did Miss Emily graduate from Canby High? That big 'C' with the Cougar and the blue and gold school colors look very familiar! I'm a cougar and it's hard to miss. Congratulations to her. Have a great trip - and have fun with Sheila.

  3. Just checking out some new blogs and really enjoying yours :-)


  4. What a fun graduation post. A beautiful family.
    Have fun on all your adventures! I'll be thinking of you and wishing you and your posse safe travels!

  5. Your niece is lovely! Congrats to her and your beautiful family... Have fun on the road, Laurie

  6. Such a beautiful family!! Have fun in So Cal!!!

  7. Holy cow...what a beautiful bevy of blondes! No wonder you are so proud!

  8. Joy, you truly do have a knack with the camera. What lovely shots of the graduation. I'm so excited that I'll soon be joining you gals in San Diego. See ya soon!