Monday, February 21, 2011

Ruffles and Rust

Have you ever considered throwing a Flea Market?

I’m pretty sure dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s,

getting the vendors together, the cars parked and the buyers through the door,

would be enough to make most pull their hair and run away screaming.

But when its over and it was a screaming success,

life is good…

I hope Timi is enjoying the the good life, and a day with her feet up!

It was a wonderful show, and thankfully I had my phone to take pictures…

This was my booth right before “show time”.




We love coming north, but now it is time to

clark county 081

head this circus train home, we’ve got lots to do.

clark county 046

but I just wanted to say…

jewelry 001


  1. Joy,

    Your booth looks beautiful, as always. Glad to hear that you had a wonderful show! I would love to make it up to the Ruffles and Rust show....even just to visit. Your last photo of the pocket with the library card is adorable. I love the old library cards....reminds me of being a kid.


  2. Love that pocket card!! Oh my happiness!!! Your booth looked incredible...I'm sorry I had to miss the show!

  3. Joy . . . it was so wonderful to see you at Ruffles and Rust . . . you are soooo very talented and your booth was beyond wonderful!!

    . . . also loved spending some time with you and sharing some laughs :) I am also most grateful for the help loading our truck - Kathryn and I appreciated it more than you will ever know!

    Can't wait to see you again soon - missing you already!! xoxo - liz

  4. My name is ..... Joy, too ... and yes I threw a flea market in October 2010 ( made the pages in Romantic Country)
    it was
    screaming meemie success!

    Good Friday is my next show
    called "shop the shed"

    love u girl

  5. It sure looked like a show not to be missed. When is the next one. I want to plan ahead better for it. Hugs Florence

  6. Thanks for sharing photos of your booth...looks amazing! Sorry we missed the show, but most of all, miss seeing all of the vendors! Looking forward to visiting soon, its been way to long! We need some Joy laughter, please say hello to all. XO Glad & Cel

  7. I love your booth pictures, much FUN! {a little bird told me that she has some bags for me...thx.}

  8. It was a beautiful booth! Especially that amazing blue gray shelf in your photo that came home with me : ) And I can't wait to get my glitter numbers strung, just trying to find the right ribbon to do it with. Hmmm maybe twine might look good too. I loved seeing you and visiting with you and Terri, so fun! I will be seeing you both soon.

  9. Adore your blog! I came across it through Mel's Cabin :) Hi, I'm the blogger of Doors of Delight...come on in and check out my adventure of turning my dreams to reality @

  10. The stuff on here is really cute and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Your spot looks incredible. At least...for those of us who couldn't attend...we get to share in a little of your wonderful talent. Thanks!

  12. Your booth looks wonderful, as always. I am very much to hear that you had such a nice show. And I am very impress with pocket card. I wish I could attain that show.