Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dream Girls

I had so much fun at Dream Girls, this past weekend,  I took no pictures.

Thankfully there were lots of other cameras being used.  Isabel took these  beautiful photos, that I promptly copied so I would have something to share…

We had classes in this wonderful barn.



Dream Girls 2 037

These are Tiffany’s vintage prom dresses and slips that decorated the entry. 

 Dream Girls 2 023

A shot of the inside, all decorated for the weekend.

Dream Girls 2 026

An amazing weekend filled with laughing, crafting and all the fun you could ever hope for.

You might want to go on over to Isabel’s blog and check out the rest of her pictures of the weekend.


The yellow walls are painted that shiny white, I am so fond of… 

Things from the trailer are finding their way into the store, to be arranged in a tidy manner.  Sounds reasonable…

Lots and lots of treasures to be arranged in a tidy manner…

3 friends 2 018-1_thumb[1]

3friends info-1_thumb[1]

You know I will  be ready.  Hope to see you!


  1. Oh, I wish I lived closer - your creativity knows no bounds, and your vintage treasures are gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing. I'm there, in spirit!

  2. Wish I could be there....I keep shakin' that money tree in the backyard but nothin' is fallin'!

  3. I am so sad I will miss it... I will be on soccer duty since Mark is taking Clara to Eugene for a gymnastics meet!!! Lots of luck with the sale, I will be calling soon to come and spend a day with you!!

  4. I hope you have a wonderful sale! I'd love to make it down this weekend but I will be working.

    Wishing much success!


  5. Joy, I soooo wish I could be there. It's a little far for me to drive especially with the price of gas right now. BUT... one day I think Tiffany and I should come have a crafty sleepover at your house, lol. Wishing you a day filled with smiles on your face and lots of money in your pocket! That is if the people actually pay you for the treasures they take, unlike me, ; ) Hugs

  6. Joy, walking into your adorable shop on Saturday and seeing your face in person felt like seeing my long lost friend. It was so good to meet you and we enjoyed the lovely things on display in your shop. I have to say that my favorite jewelry piece was the one around your neck with the glitter ball at the bottom, soooo beautiful. And the gorgeous metal and flower towels are the stuff of dreams. If they did not sell I may have to own at least one! Hope to see you again soon at one of the shows or at your darling shop~studio. Warm regards, you new old friend Carol