Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just Getting Started

So I had this great idea… Which is where it usually gets complicated, you’d think when I have these “great ideas” everyone would run.


  Nope, I gathered a group, my sister Terri, her youngest son,




My youngest son,



Naturally we included Dave (the driver)


Oh yes and we brought the girls,



she is very nervous… she’s half French (Poodle) and half Golden Retriever

Scarredey Cat.

Sweet Pea




Sophie can relax, Sweet Pea has everything under control.

The plan was to leave home Thursday, and be in Sacramento Sunday morning for the Flea Market. It’s only an 8 hour drive for most people…

All going according to plan


Breakfast here Friday morning.

Then fun in Ashland, on to Redding and that’s where the trip veers from the plan..

You guessed it, the newly remodeled Dumbo (the rv) towed to the garage…

If you’ve never been to Redding, California in July,

then I’m just saying, you might want to save the experience for a cooler month.

If your wondering how long the holding tank lasts in an rv, with 5 people, not long enough…

Luckily we were pulling the little pickup behind Dumbo, so we were able to “get away”.

If your wondering how 5 people and 2 dogs might fit in a little pickup…

There is a reason they call it a circus train…


Hmmm, well all fixed and ready to roll! 

We made it to Sacramento, but sadly we missed the Flea Market.

Not to worry, I’ve got a great idea…


  1. Joy, you are so funny! Sounds like quite a trip. Redding in July is soooooo hot! See you very soon

  2. always make me laugh Joy! and yes, i have been to redding in august - it's not any cooler then either! see you in the fall???
    :) rochelle

  3. oh JOY! am I GLAD I wasnt with you ! that Dumbo isnt a very good traveling companion!.. I hate to hear MORE of this STORY! HAVE fun.. I like shiney pretty things if your shopping for ME! HAHA see you at ART CAMP SOON! if you make it to San Diego, go visit BRIAN! hee hee

  4. somehow what is a disaster to some people is a "circus train" for you! of course it is you infinite optimism that makes all the difference....that and a perpetual sense of humor:) see you very soon at BH!