Monday, September 19, 2011

Now This Makes Sense

I am so excited to be a vendor at the Remnants of the Past Vintage Show.

Alex Madonna
Expo Center

San Luis Obispo, CA
October 8 & 9, 2011
Sat. 9am-5pm, Sun. 9am-3pm


This show was voted the Number 1 Flea Market in the country!

It is a lot of miles from Silverton, Oregon to San Luis Obispo, California…  I’m so excited and I really wanted to participate.  It didn’t take Dave long to get on board, all I had to do was promise him a new trailer…

  Our trailer we pull with Dumbo, (the rv) is certainly big enough…

We lovingly refer to him as,

The Lead Sled.


I’m thinking Dave had visions of this,


with an interior similar to this…



a guy can dream…

I did after all promise a trailer…

And not one to renege on a bargain.

A trailer that makes perfect sense for us.


When not using it for carrying our treasures, we can use it for camping.

or should I say “Glamping.”

The vintage paint job coordinates with the little red truck. 


Maybe I will call her “Bo” as in “Rainbow”.


I can throw a few bags in the back.


Small enough I can take it on my own.

He seems happy enough.



  1. It makes perfect sense to me too!
    Perfect color!

  2. Hi Joy, It's me Eloise from So. Cali! I glad to hear that you are coming to Remnants. My daughter and I will be there shopping! See you there!!

  3. Well, this makes total sense!!! We are so sorry we missed you yesterday. We would have LOVED to be the first to see it and congratulate you! Joe is GREEEEN with ENVY!! Miss you. Love you. Thanks for your friendship. :o)

  4. Ha! Have fun in Cali!! Enjoy a little bit of sun and lots of good treasures!!

  5. something doesn't seem to fit here....a it's sorta wading pool size when what you really need a built in bult-in concrete number with a deep end and a diving board! great paint job though!!
    thanks for coming to see my photos today. your comment made my heart swell with pride :)
    xox have a great show!!

  6. I love the old green trailer so much better than the new and shiny orange one. Give me rust any day. You will be stylin traveling down the road.

  7. Wellll, we were talking trailers,and this is a bit small and the orange much to snazzy, so as far as style, the chippy green one is awesome !! Good luck at the Remnants show :)