Friday, November 30, 2007

Ta- Da!!

With much and I mean much, help from my friends and family I finished my Open House. I could have used a few more days to get ready, there is always more I would like to do. I love the details the little extras that look like they should take a few minutes to accomplish, but actually take a few hours.... Now that is the the story of my life!!

I am always so happy to have the house decorated and now I can get on with the other and no doubt more important parts of Christmas. I think I might take a day or two off to regroup and have that little breakdown I have been promising myself...Actually maybe just a quick power nap and I will be ready to go!!
My husband who often thinks I have lost my mind, is willing to undertake any project I ask him to do. This time I think I may have sealed my fate, I am crazy... I had him wrap all the wire on this tree with strips off a white sheet. I'm pretty sure it took at least 100 hours.. I love it though, it probably looks better than the picture shows. A friend of mine , Jori was telling me about wrapping white twinkle lights with white fabric strips for a window display and immediately I thought how cool this would be for one of those wire trees that people put in their yards. I thought 4 or 5 hours maybe... Good thing we don't know some things before we start, or quite possibly we wouldn't... This is the feather tree I have had for several years. I really love to decorate it. The fact that it is mounted in its own little stand, a cinch to pull down the branches and on with the fun. I usually put my favorite ornaments on this tree since it seems to show case them so well. If you have read this blog for long you remember my friend Lisa she asked if I knew when I started decorating a tree that I was only going to use certain color ornaments... Well of course I have a plan... I agonize over it for hours! That is one of those things that looks like it should have taken a few minutes but.... I like to change everything around mix it up every year, but still have it be what I like, using mostly the same decorations. You mean everyone doesn't do that?? Dave is right I am crazy.
This is the first artificial tree I bought. I got it one summer when my sister Terri and I were shopping for something and ran into a superduper sale and honestly we paid $7 for these trees. I wish I had bought a dozen. I love how narrow it is at the bottom, it takes up very little room.
One might even think it was real?
Did you notice the pink petticoat for a treeskirt
This is a new pink tree this year, nestled in the closet of my office. Did you notice the vintage wallpaper that I used for a valance? And of course that is not the dress I wore for the Open House..
This little pink tree on top of the cupboard is a Barbie tree, how cute is that. I like that it is soft pink. I was so excited when I got the nativity showed here. I knew it was chipped but there were lots of pieces and I had the great idea that I would mica it, so I did a few pieces and started running out of time so I though I better do the key figures. There was no Mary... What may I ask, kind of nativity would not have a Mary!! I left the Baby Jesus with the Wise Men, I assumed they could figure it out!!

Once again I just want to thank all of my wonderful friends that helped me this past week, if you read the previous post you know that I have been proccupied with way more important things...
I wish I had some wonderful quote about the meaning of friends and family or the measure of a friend. But I don't, so I hope it is adequate to say " I love you"


  1. I was a "first timer " to your wonderful display. I came with a friend of yours , who invited me. Your home was beautiful and very well done. I enjoyed all of your hard work and had a great time. I look forward to next time! Thank you for a fun evening -
    Merry Christmas and a Wonderful 2008 !!

  2. I had such a great time visiting with you, thank you for your sweet hospitality and your warm heart!! Love you, Isabel

  3. sorry I missed the show!!! Hope to come to the next one!!

  4. Oh, how beautiful -- I love all your trees!

  5. Okay missy, it's been too long. Get to bloggin, would ya?! You slacker!



  6. Oh my goodness I have fallen in love with all of your trees! They are all FABULOUS.
    p.s. I am an Auntie Joy too! :)