Monday, November 12, 2007

Tag I'm It???

My friend Lisa, tagged me. So I'm suppose to tell you six interesting things about me... Sure if I wanted you to know I probably would have already told you.. Here is one, I have been told to use my inside voice more than once, as and adult...When I took my dad to get his hearing aide the doctor told me I didn't need to talk so loud since he had his hearing aide in.. Little did he know that was my normal voice. Then of course when I get excited, the volume goes UP!!
Oh yeah, this is great lets seeeee, six interesting things about me..... Oh this reminds me of a game we use to play, two truths and a lie... You decide

1. I am a wonderful dancer. I assume this sweet ballerina is actually a statue of me, smaller of course.. Yeah, that was easy a lie, however I dance better than I sing...

2. I have been to Mecca. You know the one in Saudi Arabia.. True.. After college I was a flight attendant and flew to just about everywhere you can imagine. I thought that would be the most wonderful job ever, too bad I always get airsick...Definitely awkward...

3. I love, love, love, pink roses, here is an ornament that makes me soo happy.

4. I'm a professional photographer... Yes, I'm very poor no one has ever bought a picture that I have taken...I keep trying but somehow I keep missing the boat..Maybe I'm at the airport?? :)

5. I have four children, I actually like to say three adults and one child four seems a little excessive, I had my first when I was twenty-six and the first three are two years apart, seems pretty normal. Even though I wanted a girl so bad, enough is enough ... If you have three little boys I'm sure you know what I'm saying... So I had my tubes tied after the third. And at forty-five when I was so glad to see I was going through the "change" I was actually PREGNANT... Now that is what I call a change!! Here is the prince of a miracle child, Rocky the Red Power Ranger/Prince.. Need I say more... Who could make up a lie like this??
If you are starting to panic.. Don't worry it will only happen one in a hundred times..

6. Today is my birthday, here is my cake to prove it. Actually my birthday is the thirteenth I'm assuming you won't read this before then.
Now is where I am suppose to tag six more people and keep the game going... I hate to ask people to do things so I will just say, the blogs that I have in "Places I Like to Go" are the ones I read all the time and I hope you will visit them too!!


  1. Happy Birthday to YOU,
    Happy Birthday to YOU,
    Happy Birthday DEAR JOY,
    Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!

    Hope this year is filled with anything and everything your little Mecca visiting, airsick, pink rose-filled heart desires!

    Love you, Karen

  2. Thanks for playing Joy. I know that was difficult for you. Oh yeah! Happy Birthday! I will help you with pictures if I can when I come to see you tomorrow. Can't wait!

    Love you a ton!


  3. Happy Happy Joy Joy!!! Hope you had a beautiful inspiring day!!! Love the new banner...I wish I could come up with some clever power ranger saying!!! Take care. Love you....Cindy

  4. I hope you had a Happy Birthday!
    I love pink roses too...

  5. Happy Birthday to You!
    Hope you had a good one.

    Love you, julia

  6. Happy, happy birthday to you! Love reading what you write. It always makes me laugh. Hope you got lots of pink birthday roses! Love Martha

  7. Oh, I had no idea it was your birthday!! Hope you had a good one!! I cant believe your little one is so big!! Where did the time go?? I remember being in your shop when you had just gotten the news of a new baby was on its way! Hope to see you soon! Laurie