Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Who would have known??

Here is picture of my very computer savvy friend Lisa and I earlier this fall. I hope you noticed as you clicked on to my blog today that you can see the whole picture across the top (banner). If you think I finally figured that one out... nope that would be Lisa, she emailed it to me this morning!! She also taught me the trick about how to hyperlink to another site. Which if you didn't know how pathetic I was on the computer before I guess it's obvious since it was suppose to highlight Lisa not she...

No time for a full length post this morning I just wanted to say, THANK YOU!! LISA (I did it that time) Maybe I can learn!!


  1. Hi Joy, I used to have to wait to hear Bing Crosby sing 'White Christmas' before I got into the Christmas spirit. Now, I'm dreaming of a Pink Christmas. Does Samuel have any Pink Power Ranger suits to match the decorations? Dana and I enjoy your blog, keep it up. Ric

  2. Hi Joyful,
    I want to know how to hyperlink!!!
    The banner-that-fits looks great.
    I've got you linked on my blog (it was part of the template....I didn't have to figure that out on my own)

  3. Your banner that Miss Lisa made you is perfect! Isn't she the most amazing person? Did you see the Scotty Print on my white hall tree? Well, Lisa sent it to me and I happened to have the perfect frame handy to put it in! She has a way of bringing JOY to others..no pun intended. :) I love the old clocks, silver bird and your crown that are in your banner. Right up my collecting alley ferrrr sure!

    Have a wonderful day. I have to catch up now on your posts. Been busy here and I'm so behind.....


  4. Hello! I have been having so much fun reading everyone's blogs...and I just keep going from one to the other ... I'm not even sure how I got here! But, I just had to ask you...what is the secret to making the link with the person's name there instead of the actual "http...." part. I know how to link but I end up with the ugly code. Help! Thanks and great blog!

    ~ Jillian