Monday, April 21, 2008

3 Choices

When an opportunity presents itself, do you automatically say yes?? It might be worth remembering there are 3 choices, yes, no and maybe ... If your like me and just say yes to every good idea or plan you hear, then you can feel my pain. I spent all last week literally, every waking moment doing an estate sale. I mean really, how hard can it be, price every little thing, put up a couple of signs and collect the cash..

I can't stand going to sales where nothing is marked and you have to ask the price as if you were interested in buying the object not just curious about the cost of every thing you touch?? So I wanted to make sure everything had a price...Okay, I admit it, it's much harder than it looks. Not only time consuming, but also thought provoking... I kept thinking about what I have and the fact that NO ONE would take on my estate for any amount of money!! One of my apparent heirs has informed me that, they will get a BIG dumpster when I die... Of course this is the same son that always wants the really cool things I find, before I can sell it!! But in the back of my mind as I was pricing the 4th egg slicer thinking why would anyone need 4 egg slicers, I would flash to, why would anyone need a million buttons, or 20 totes of fabric or...

Whew am I glad that's over and I can get on with my regularly scheduled know the one where I lounge on the sofa all day eating bon bons.. The lesson learned is, think about the 3 choices before you commit, it might be harder that it looks.
Last week was also the birthday for 2 of my favorite people in the whole world!!
April 17th the biggest brother turned 26, and Miss Adelaide was 2! We celebrated with Addie the week before while she and her mommy were out from Michigan.

What a ball!

Lucky for us the Red Power Ranger was there, he sang a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday, similar to what you might expect from a musician trained on Guitar Hero..

Do you get the impression she's not all that amused?
Well thankfully the cupcakes made up for the entertainment!! She would rather have seen the ballet performance!
No Power Rangers at Dusty's birthday! He is definitely not amused! So, do as I say or I will shake you into submission!!
A big brother is going to give his opinion, perhaps a little advice on cooking his birthday dinner... Some ideas are met with lack of enthusiasm!

Some are better received... Get on kids I'll take you for a spin on my "new" wheels!


Thanks to The Farrier's Daughter, I found a western magazine with ideas for remodeling RV's I have already bought 5 different samples of fabric for the curtains, and will be taking some pictures to share with you soon. I will get to that as soon as I finish this last box of bon bons...


  1. We love you Auntie! We're so glad that we got to see you several times on such a quick trip. We just heard of a new baby boy born this year on 4/17 named Dylan Scott.... what a strange world! XOXOXO

  2. Was wondering what the heck happened to you!

    Can't believe Dusty is 26! Eeep!

    Glad you have the inspiration you need for your RV...can't wait to see photos!

  3. Have a great time at the beach this weekend. We will miss you on Saturday. Can't wait to see the pictures of the RV! xoxo M.

  4. What fun, fun fun you had at the birthday parties! All of those babies are darling, and of course Toni too!

    Love you!

    p.s. (only 5 fabrics to choose from)? You must've been busy doing an estate sale or something!

  5. What a wonderful post! Love the pics and especially the 'action figure' playing the guitar; he reminds me of my son when he was that age. So funny.

  6. Joy,
    I'm so glad that you were able to find the magazine, and so happy to hear that you were able to get some ideas from it. I'm sure it's going to be fabulous!