Monday, April 7, 2008

More, a place for...

I bet you have guessed my motto if one is good, many is very good, not to be confused with my mantra a place for everything, and everything in its place. Together those 2 ideas could change it all... So with that said, my newest obsession, vintage jewelry boxes.. It is fun for me that I find them often, they are mostly in soft colors, always under $10, usually less and there are lots of different styles. My mom has had one for as long as I can remember, which she still uses... I love them for holding just about everything. Naturally they can be used for the obvious, holding jewelry.... This little one with light blue satin lining is simple but still sweet. I bought it with the jewelry in it...
Here are a couple of pink ones that I have in my bedroom.

With all their great little cubbies they can help keep buttons, price tags, beads, trinkets and all those little treasures that would be more useful and tidy, separate and contained in their own little space!
I have sold several of these in the past, but I am keeping more these days as I must have, a place for everything, and everything in its place.
This sweet little blue case was one I found this weekend. It is just a little different with how the sides go out when the lid goes up. I was so surprised when I checked out Lisa's blog and she had also found the same case!! The difference was hers had a precious little dancing ballerina.. and mine didn't...well you can imagine my dismay.!!!!

Today I had a little outing with Sheila we went to the Goodwill Outlet... much like dumpster diving, but more people jumping in...naturally we had a terrific time... We found all sorts of great treasures. I found a cream jewelry case and offered it to Sheila since I have so many, it seemed like the friendly thing to do. A few minutes later... I found this ...
The lock is broken but that is an easy fix.

Oh my gosh!!! A ballerina with legs that dangle, it dances

and plays music!!! Just like Lisa's!!!
It has the prettiest pink velvet lining...
Look what I found when I opened this one!!!


  1. OMG! Thanks for the giggle Joy. I am still waiting for the buttons post and what about the cool stuff you found at the flea market. I'm not being too bossy am I? Love your sweet little jewelry boxes. We need to get together soon for some more crafting fun. Friday?

  2. You're too funny! What sweet boxes. Hope to get together soon or go "dumpster diving" again. M.

  3. Well...they would be handy to organize things in...!

    Guess what? You'll have a very good chance to win my blog giveaway 'cause it's buried now...only 8 comments!

  4. Joy, you never disappoint me when I look to your blog for a laugh. I can't say that I have an obsession for jewlery boxes cuz I don't have too much jewelry but I do love that you love them and it is always fun to have a new obsession. I need something new to be obsessed with. Wonder what it will be. Tata for now.

  5. how delightful! I collect vintage jewelry boxes too! I LOVE the one with the ballerina!!!! So lucious!~

  6. You're so funny! Yes, it was fun, and it was so nice of you to let me buy the little jewelry box. See what happens because you're so nice? You found the most gorgeous, perfect one (colors and all) for yourself! Can't wait to go again!

    Love, Sheila

  7. What a cool find. I am always looking for scrabble pieces at Goodwill. Nice!

  8. Your new banner is beautiful. I have been going into the land of digi scrapbooking and ordering goodies from them.

  9. Hi Joy ! Hope you are having a great weekend and enjoying this awesome weather, you know it doesnt last long! You almost cant even blink !!
    Anywho- you should stop by my blog, I have something waiting for you!!!

  10. My grandmother had some jewelry boxes just like the ones you posted.....I don't know where they went to though - would've been nice to have them. Yeah, you can never have more than one - that's a good motto. I'm looking forward to seeing your booth at The Farm Chicks in June. My mom and I have visited your store at your house a few times and have really enjoyed your supplies! I have to come all the way from Canada to find the great vintage things you just don't come across in the Canadian north.

  11. I was checking in to see if you have made any trips in your motor home...please update us!lol. Laurie