Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Traveling Adventures

I’m pretty bummed I couldn't figure out how to get blogger to let me post from Word. I always think I’m sooo smart until I spend hours on something that shouldn't really be that complicated… Oh well, I can always copy and paste and feel like I’m smarter than I am! What I especially loved about this idea was, (if you use blogger you’ll understand) it is a simple push of the button, and you get a picture where you are typing, as opposed to having to move it after it loads. Everyone out in Blogger Land probably knows this except me… but then it could be one of the reasons its worth paying for a server. What, another example of you get what you pay for?

We stayed one night in Carlsbad, New Mexico, well I’ll tell you for sure, I didn’t see Carl, (he’s suppose to be bad?) but I saw a gigantic tarantula and that was BAD!!! Never mind that they aren’t poison, just seeing one could scare you to death. We don’t grow spiders like that in Oregon!

I did find a great thrift store; I actually went to the Chamber of Commerce for directions. The store was located out of town on a compound (for lack of a better word) that is home to adults that are mentally challenged. The store is run by volunteers and all the merchandise is donated. I got some great red leather cowboy boots and other random things. One of the best was plastic quilted protectors for dishes. This might be just the thing for carrying dishes to sales, or having at home in my cupboard.

Here are the pictures of the plastic shades that I covered with fabric, the ones I started when the trip first began.

This one is this one is above the kitchen sinkThis one is in the bathroom. Isn't that a clever place for the toilet paper?? I'm still on the search for something below the mirror, maybe a new/old medicine cabinet?? I added faux leather fringe to the curtain, I didn't get a picture of that.

Here is the oil painting I got in Baker City, hanging in the bathroom.This is what the shades look like before they were covered.
I still need to do the bigger windows, space for sewing is a little cramped..

We have been stopping along the way at little towns, when I'm not asleep to point out which ones I would like to see... I had Dave drop me off and he took Sam swimming. Thought I would walk the main street, looking for thrift stores. Not a great idea in 90-something degree heat. I'm not sure why they call it dry heat... I was soaked! I asked a store owner if there were any thrift stores or second hand stores, noooo she says.. the lady behind me says, that's not really popular around here. (I'm thinking, are you serious??) I covered the town, on foot... there was one mobile home that had lots of serious 'treasures' in the front yard. I asked next door, if they sold over there, she said, as she was rolling her eyes. The lady is in jail, again and the man hasn't been around for awhile... What a bummer it sounded like a nice couple..

I asked another person, if there were no 2nd hand stores where did they take their use items? The dump??? She said yes, so I sweetly asked, which way is the dump? She tells me to take this road straight out, past the cemetary...

Texas.. Here is a sign I thought was amusing.. Who would have guessed??
If you click on the picture it will enlarge, you should be able to read (cyclone fence).
At first I couldn't tell if I was looking at a prision or a high school, turns out to be a BIG highschool in a small town.. That was a good thing since it was Main Street.


  1. This looks like alot of fun! =D too bad there arent much more thrift stores! They should've known you were coming to town!

  2. Awesome decorating in your traveling vacation home! Red cowboy boots, hurray! I miss you, come home!


  3. We're back from our trip!! We had a great time, but looking at all the bags that need unpacking makes me wanna run back.... Can't wait to see you Friday in Silverton!! Miss you!