Sunday, June 22, 2008

On the Road Again

This is actually a post I wrote on Wednesday evening June 18th.
I thought it would be a good time to try something a little different while we are on our vacation. As I understand I can publish my blog from Microsoft word and if that is true, won’t that be just too much fun?? (sadly I wasn't able to get blooger to work with my word program so now I am entering it in blogger like usual)

You might be thinking I was already on a vacation of sorts as I haven’t posted in soooo long. Nope just the opposite, working like a mad woman trying to get ready for vacation. We did make a mad dash to my sisters Terri’s house after Farm Chick’s, to celebrate my nephew/cousin’s graduation. Are you asking why the nephew/cousin, well if you don’t know much about my family tree, you wouldn’t know that there are less branches than some families have… Terri is married to Dave’s cousin Kenny and so….
We left home Friday night with 3 extra passengers aboard the Dumbo train. There is nothing like a pit stop at Burger King, with a pirate, a cowgirl and 2 Hello Kitty Princesses.
We actually had a great time, but I guess I’m not as sorry that I have 3 grown boys as I thought! Sam wanted to know if they could go to Texas with us?? Imagine my answer!
Repack, refuel( yikes) and we are off again… We are headed to my niece Krissi's wedding in San Antonio. It is a long road to Texas if anyone asks! There are those who are betting we won’t get there before the wedding (9 days) we made it more than 50 miles the first day, kind of a weak start I agree, but there were extenuating circumstances… My plan is to stop at every thrift store between home and the border of Mexico, I just have to convince the driver how worth it that would be.
One of the reasons I was about 5 hours late leaving… I was finishing the postcards and address labels for the Antique Sale I help organize on the 4th of July, the postcards that probably should have gone out about a week ago. Here is the front
And here is the back
I would show you all the address labels, but.. they weren’t finished when I left.. I passed that job off to my much more computer savvy assistant, along with the stamping and getting them in the mail. Those same nay sayers that think we will miss the wedding, also think in the future I should hand write my labels...or at the very least don’t try it on my own. Hmmm.
As you ight be able to tell I am writing this as we travel down the highway I-84 to be exact and I am just a little on the bored side, but no reason all of us should die of boredom. I will try and tackle one of the 250 projects I brought along to keep me busy. I think I should get that little magic card that lets you have internet no matter where you are! I think it's 2200 miles to where we are going, of course if I did have internet I could google that to be sure.


  1. Joy you are going to flip over San Antonio. We went for my son's BMT from the Air Force Graduation. I loved it! The River-walk was incredible. Have a great time and don't miss some of that Texas Bar bQ. Yelp and that sweet tea.Rudy's in San Antonio is the bomb.Happy Junken Trails

  2. we have used address labels and rubber stamps as well but we just order them from

  3. I know, I just heard about the magic card myself! Sounds awesome, no? Waiting for thrift store booty. Do show them!

    Love you,