Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Staying Busy

It's Monday again, what the heck wasn't it just Monday??? Well, when I started this post it was Monday... Now it is Tuesday almost midnight and I still haven't finished... I remember when people would say that time goes so fast. I was probably in grade school when I first remember hearing this. Then when I was in high school, didn't seem fast to me.. On to college, no not so fast, seems to be dragging to me. Then the year I was a fight attendant and engaged to be married, slow, very slow. First couple years married, working still slow waiting to get on with my real life... Then it started picking up speed, with the arrival of babies; that must be it! Every baby made the time go faster and now 4 babies later YIKES I'm over a half century old and the time is going so fast it makes my head spin!! That explains the dizzy, bizarre behavior I sometimes exhibit. Wow! Glad I figured that out. I'm especially glad I can blame that on the boys, seems like they can account their bizarre behavior on either genetics (of which I have to take at least half credit) or the way they were raised, which again...

Speaking of boys and I know you are waiting to hear.. We made it to Molly Mo's without a hitch, (well actually we had a hitch, but only on the truck to pull the trailer) they were actually quite competent. Not only competent but willing! No complaining no whining, where did my little boys go? Who are these adult aliens? I don't know, but I sure like them!! It's okay if I gush over them. They never read my blog, (one says, "too many words not enough pictures, and the other has said, "mom why would anyone care what you are doing?") Some how coming from them it feels like sweet compliments...Secretly I'm sure it's marked as a favorite on their computer, and they check daily for updates!

If you live where it is HOT all summer, spring and fall skip this part... Sorry about the whining, but it was HOT, HOT, HOT and that made unpacking not so fun... The boys unloaded the trailer and there I was... Sam found the swimming pool! Every one else was setting up their booth and I'm looking for my parasol!

I waited until daybreak and this is what I found

hmmm... not so cute! And by the way it is still hot but not as HOT! So scurry, scurry only 3 hours until early buying! And I decided to make a quick trip around before it opened to see if there were sweet deals I couldn't live without. Of course there were!
Do you remember Brandi, she did the 4th of July sale? She is here under the big parasol looking at Sheila's pretty little charms. Oh my are they ever darling, hard to choose just one and she also takes special orders which makes it just that much harder!

Here is Karen, on her way to a baby shower and she found the coolest presents for the baby! You know it has to be hot, I've known her for 10 years and this is the first time I have seen her without long sleeves. I had no idea she had such enormous biceps!! Behind Karen, resting (wilting) is Isabel, she is past caring that someone is pointing the camera in her direction!

Here is one of the cutest girls you would ever want to meet, great stuff she has for sale and the most adorable baby girl (not for sale). I know this is a picture of her leaving her booth, no doubt looking for great treasures, she really is a hard working dedicated dealer!

Here is Joe and Sue, they had the fortune (good or bad) to be my neighbors. We had lots of fun and Joe has his part down to perfection... He said, "whatever Sue says, I say Yes, Dear", to that I say, what a wonderful man he is!! I've also heard him say, "if it's heavy Sue will buy it!!"
They are going to be in Oregon City this coming Sunday. I hope they are close to me! I need to make sure Joe continues doing his part!

I will be putting Sue and Lindsey's blog on "where I like to go" soon! I'm always a little behind on that... Also can't seem to keep it updated on where I'm going to be having a show either...I need to get better at that!!

While I was at the Molly Mo Antique Faire literally melting in the heat! I saw my friends Pam and Mindy. Mindy is getting married THIS SATURDAY!! I am helping with a few things and one is the veil, so plans were made to meet Monday evening and get it made! By the way I have seen her dress and it is the absolute cutest I have ever seen! I can't wait to share photos. Then last night I saw her shoes!! Oh my gosh!! They are fabulous, not at all what I was thinking definitely NOT your typical ballet slippers!

I haven't looked at a Bride's magazine in about 30 years.. So, do I know what a blusher is?? Nope, never heard of it. I see a picture, oh... sure a blusher...Absolutely, now I remember...I loaded two totes of old lace, wedding dresses that could be 'scrapped', vintage flowers, pieces or this and that which could some how make a bride blush?? On my way out the door I grabbed the cover off a lampshade that started it's life as a wedding doll dress. In truth I had just gathered it up and put a rubber band around it and plopped it on the white lampshade... It was very sweet..

Mindy had a flower, and a brooch, where did that feather come from??
She decided on the doll dress, so we cut a little and glued a little. Grandma ironed and stitched a little.

Mindy had a phone call she needed to answer, so we enlisted the help of the 'blushing groom' well, here it is, no not this one

no, not this one either.
this is the one that Mindy thought had a bee keeper look,

how does it look?



  1. You're to funny! How was the weekend sale? A bit hot?? Are you going to Jori's CM thingy Friday? Laurie

  2. I'm sorry I wasn't there to commiserate with you on Saturday. Everyone's booths looked great though. Looking forward to seeing you again this Sunday. Apparently it won't be as hot and most likely, not raining.



  3. It was 106 here Saturday....I hear you got hit with at least 103.... doesn't sound fun!

    Fun working on Mindy's veil. Hope the wedding goes well!

  4. Oh Joy, you are too sweet! It was sure fun spending the day with you gals.

    PS-the little one insisted we hang her new garland today. She kept saying, "Joy, Joy, Joy". You really made an impression :-) Thanks again,