Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sesame Seeds and Almonds

What you ask, more recipes?? Oh no, my friends I have a very important announcement to make... drum roll please... attention please everyone! Yes, I am about to be a "Very" Great Aunt again! Indeed, these two beautiful sisters will be soon providing our family with two precious little sweetie pies for all to enjoy. Very clever of them to arrange for both babies to arrive so close together, that way there will be no arguing over who gets to hold the baby... Well it will at least cut the problem in half, there would need to be one for each of us for no arguing...
So, what does that have to do with sesame seeds and almonds?? Apparently there is a book about pregnancy these days, that compares the baby's size as she develops, to something that you can relate too. This makes sense to me as I have no clue as to how big a millimeter or centimeter is... I can relate to at three weeks, the size of a sesame seed and at 8 weeks an almond. I understand there are blueberries and other descriptives I can visualize. I might have to get this book so I can keep track of these little pumpkins!

I'm sure you are wondering how Miss Addie feels about being the BIG sister and cousin in charge. She is pretty sure the whole thing is going to be a big headache!
There will be so much she needs to do to keep the little ones up to date on all the fun places to checkout. She will have to show the babies everything at Poppy and Posie's, (aka Grandpa and Grandma Colvin)
There is the garden shed, where you can sit at the little table and have a tea party,
The big umbrella where you can relax in the garden and have snacks...Where the tall pink flowers grow...
Always be very careful here... because this is where the dinosaurs roam, under these great big leaves of the prehistoric plant!! Be certain you watch for bumblebees they can sting if you mess with them!
But be sure and take time to stop and smell the roses!!
So no wonder Miss Adelaide has a headache, this is a fairly daunting task for a little one that won't quite be 3 years old.

For other not so important or exciting news. Last Saturday, was the Lake Oswego Antique Faire. What a beautiful venue for a show.
Isabel and I were neighbors.
And yes, I was as tired as I look in the picture. Isabel being the dear friend she is, kept suggesting that I go take a little nap under the tree. So after about the second time she offered to watch my booth, I stumbled on over to catch a few zzz's. Luckily no pictures of that!!! Wait, as I'm reading here I see someone did indeed catch a candid shot! You don't suppose this was a setup?
Here is Isabel's booth, where do you suppose she is? Perhaps out taking pictures?? That's unfortunate, this lady looks as though she might be interested in buying something...

Here are the adorable girls from Adorn.
And here is a shot of our friends Margot and her daughter Karen.
Shoppers checking out Margot's treasures.

We had a fun day and I left feeling ever so rested!
Undoubtably you are wondering what will I be up to this weekend... I'm headed to Yakima, Washington. I wanted to go to the Antique Show at Clayson Farms, since it is a mere 400 miles, why not??

And since we were going anyway, why not hook up the trailer to Dumbo and see if I couldn't hawk a few of my wares along the way?? In truth I have a spot okay I actually have 2, and I am so excited to go to a new show!! This looks so cute!! They moved an old barn on to their property (last week) and I can't wait to see it! I love going to new places, meeting new friends. I can be anything I want... I think I'll be quiet and shy. I think I'll be totally ready, rested, and organized! What the heck as long as I'm dreaming, I might as well be tall and thin!!

Hope to see you there!! I'm sure you won't recognize me!


  1. We are going and will be camping out next to you!! HEE HAW!! We will dream too...we will be very rich shoppers from a land far away...with heavy foreign accents...we will pretend like we don't know you and we are meeting for the first time! ;o) Can you e-mail us your cell number so we can hunt you down tonight??

  2. Good luck this weekend Joy! It was fun chatting at the LO show. My daughter LOVES the pink braclet...thanks for that!


  3. I consider anyone who is willing to help me have a nap, a very good friend :) Glad you had a chance to rest! Take care, Katie