Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Here We Go Again!

Yesterday morning, my dad and I left for Portland about 6:15 for an eye appointment after all can you be too early. The little guy in the photo and his sister were out in front of the house. It looked like they were headed to the vet clinic across the road from us. Hunting season opened so maybe they were looking for "a safe haven" or maybe wanted to pick up a couple of bottles of "no scent"... Anyway I was hoping they didn't get in the road and get ran over, wouldn't that be ironic?

Here is a little blurb of what I posted last year at this time, when Sam had his first day of Kindergarten.

I did kind of hate for it all to begin the 13 years of school, just to get to college... Even though all kids are different I have been down this path three times already, and I know that the time you get to yourself while they are at school doesn't come without a price... homework, schedules, not to mention all the big boy behavior that comes from peers... My sister laughs because he has the personality of a 50 year old woman in a 6 year old boy.. I know its not natural, but he is so sweet! He also has imaginary friends, that will probably be replaced with real doubt he will blame his bad behavior on them now instead of Pusher and Guester his makebelive buddies.. I guess we all grow up. My playmate was Blummy. Wonder what he's doing these days, now that the boys are gone I might need someone to talk too ??

My mom got Sam off to school yesterday, he had to be on the bus at 7:20 am. I am trying not to make the same mistake I did the first 3 times around by taking him to school everyday...

That turned out to be a good thing yesterday as Grandma doesn't drive and although she is small, she's too big for Sam to carry and it is too far for her to walk!! He totally adores Grandma and visa a versa, he is always touching her hand or her neck and asking about the wrinkles as if they must hurt... One day he said to me, "I wish Grandma didn't have so many wrinkles.." Evidently he hasn't looked close at his mom!
Wrinkled or not she got him off to school like a pro.. I felt kind of sad that I wasn't there and then Dusty met him when the bus brought him home because I was taking Grandma and Grandpa home... Poor mom... Not that I haven't done this first day of school thing about a hundred times, but it is special every time.
That's why I decided today would be the first day and I took pictures like I didn't know the difference. I wonder if the driver thought I was "off".
And yes that is a delicious and nutritious pop tart... It HAS been proven you know that kids who eat a healthy breakfast do better in school... Guess we will have to work on that.. It would be nice if he actually graduates from high school someday.

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Here he is saying YIPEEE! I'm on my own!

See ya Mom!


  1. Very cute! It happens SOOOOOO quickly. Kind of happy, kind of sad...

    I'm in mourning because of my computer breaking. I miss you.


  2. He is so cute!! Time does go by too fast, my baby is a Frosh this year , Middle one is a Junior and Oldest is a Frosh in College- ugh! I need to go by more hair color, the gray is growing quicker and quicker!!

    Hope Coburg is awesome for you, Im sure you will have fun!!

  3. Hi Joy , I gave you an award on my blog. How do I send it to you? I did the links! You are a great teacher , it was just like the directions , So Easy! Thanks much, Sue

  4. Wow, you can see how much he had grown up over the last year on this post. So cute and funny! Love him and you of course!


  5. I can't believe Sam is getting on the bus. It seems like just like yesterday that you told me you were preggers. Good luck at Coburg hopefully we will see you there.Love Braeda

  6. I love your blog! The way you look at the everyday happenings are just to funny;- never stop!