Monday, September 1, 2008

Reflections of Labor Day

When I consider Labor Day I immediately think, tomorrow school starts; say goodbye to summer. All the great flowers we have enjoyed.

Sure they will be around for awhile, but soon we forget to water, deadhead, the frost comes and before you know it, they are gone.
Say goodbye to summer fun!
Sam has been busy working (laboring) on a tree house. Why would he want to play in the one his dad bought him and spent 6 months building? He asked to change his name to Bob the Builder...
Luckily he has new school clothes in his drawers.. He will soon be too busy with school work and other activities will take the place of lazy summer fun. He did say, he didn't know how to put up the walls in his tree house, he needed an adult for destructions.. He seems to have nailing down pat.

Does he really have to start school tomorrow? You know they are going to teach him the right words to use and he will talk like everyone else... Just when they get big enough to be your buddy, they leave you at home while off they go to have their own life... Next thing you know, he won't want to marry me anymore some young whippersnapper will take my place in his affections...

Here is a picture of the tree when we moved into the house in 1995. It is the far one in the picture.

See how big the tree has gotten in 13 years.
This was the first group of tree house builders... Ty, Emily and Derek..
The boys with Dusty built the first tree house the summer we moved in, they slept in it most of the summer while Dave was working on the house. Dave and I were sleeping in a friend's RV in the front yard. The boys were in the tree or in a tent all summer... It started out to be a good time, but you can see Emily is the only one smiling, she had a real house to go home to. It was a long summer, one of those years we were glad to see Labor Day arrive.

This was Dave when we first moved to our house. He was a lot younger 13 years ago. Didn't seem to mind working on the house.
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Here he is today still working on the house, looks like he doesn't mind working on the house has certainly aged him.

About 6 years ago he put up sheet rock and now out of the blue, all of a sudden, don't have a heart attack!! It's molding!! And you thought it would never happen!

The bad news... it's been so long I have to repaint the walls when I paint the trim. It never stops! The Labor goes on!!

I have discovered something else on the computer in addition to Face Book, I have found Picasa, oh me oh my Danger, Danger, scary things on the little magic box!! Stay tuned for all the creative things I will be sending your way! (Hopefully only once.)


  1. Love the picture of the kids in the tree. So much fun coming over the other day. Thanks for being such a great hostess and for spoiling my girl. She is back to school today too, sigh.



  2. Oh what fun tree house building pictures!! Sam is getting so big.Looks like you may have a great helper by the time you put molding in the remaining rooms. :) Have a great week Kathy

  3. Hi Joy , What was Joe thinking ! What happened to " Yes Dear" ? Be sure and remind him on Sunday.
    How did Sam like school - how did Mom like it? :) You just hate for those Summer days to end but there is such potential to get some projects done with the kiddies at school.
    See you soon , Sue

  4. I love my new computer. Thanks for the blogger tutorials both in writing and over the phone!! You're the best!