Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just a Little Side Note

I think some of you have the idea that I am with this sweet baby girl.

But actually I am getting these photo's from her family's dropshots.
There are actually 1835 miles between us...

Looks as though Miss Addie is taking care of her new sister
Apparently Delilah is happy with the arrangements.

But so tired...

Needless to say I am ever so anxious to get my turn, but as we don't have plans for a trip to Michigan, I will have to wait until June when they come to Oregon for a visit.

I do have plans for a road trip next week.

We are take Dumbo (the rv) on an outing!

I am heading to Washington State University, for Mom's weekend to be part of...

15th Annual Antique Show and Sale

2:00–9:00 p.m. • Gladish Gym,

115 NW State St. Pullman
$2.00 admission, good for Friday and Saturday.

Mention this ad and get 1/2 off. • 509-287-2305

I heard about this show from my friend Lisa who I meet at shows around Washington. She has done this show several times, and I love to do something different to mix it up once in a while.

I lived in Moscow, Idaho for a couple of years about 30 years ago. We were there while my husband was finishing his degree in Architecture, at the University of Idaho, which is just a hop, skip and a jump from Pullman, Washington.

I'm looking forward to seeing the changes that have come in the past 3 decades to this area.

If you are anywhere near, come by and say hi! If you know of any great places I should see while I am in the area, let me know! Naturally Dave the driver loves nothing better than a side trip, especially driving the rv pulling a trailer...


  1. Have a great time, Joy!! We'll see you when you come back!!

  2. Have safe trip. Mom's weekend at WSU brings back lots of memories, when my daughter Jennifer went there. I hope you do well and have lots of fun.

  3. Have a fun time ... but not TOO much fun. (Is there such a thing as TOO MUCH fun??)


    Betty :)

  4. That photo of Delilah wearing the cute little hat is SOOO cute! I love the little smile on her face! Very sweet! ~Lori

  5. Oh new granddaughter is just beautiful!!!! And her big sister is as well!! These are such sweet angels we all have ~ xxoo, Dawn

  6. Hi Joy! Have a super fabulous time on your road trip, and at the show in Pullman! Can't wait to hear of your adventure when you return.
    PS I'm having a giveaway, I've been sewing... ;o)

  7. She is adorable! I love her little smile in the one with the hat. I don't know... Michigan sounds like a fun road trip to ME! Let's do it.

    Have a great show and have fun too!