Sunday, March 8, 2009


Can it possibly be true?

Did we really load up the truck and move to Beverly?? I mean Portland.
Was it not just a week or two ago that we were there before?

It was fun because the big boy Dusty was my helper and he "has an eye for design" as they say and really is a big help with no attitude as my regular "porter" can sometimes develop...

We left it like this on Thursday afternoon

Then when I arrived Friday morning, it didn't take all day to get it organized.

Cindy came Friday to help me get organized and give me a little break to "stretch my legs" which could also serve as an opportunity to see what might be for sale, that I would love to take home. Strangely enough I rarely buy much while I am there. I am more intent on getting my stuff out and having it looking it's best, than finding more...

Maryann and Shannon were on one side and Isabel on the other that is a lot of fun. We did manage to not get in trouble for having tooooo much fun this time.

Shannon modeling the outfit she found in my booth.
Isabel and I getting ready for the next round of entertainment!

The man across from us is very sweet and I tease him, telling him he pays extra to be across the aisle from the booths with the entertainment!
We like to make sure he isn't bored.

Dumbo (the RV) was left home this time, a case of not that organized...I went home Friday night but Saturday night I was so happy that Lisa invited me to sleep over.
I slept very peacefully.

And why wouldn't I? The room is so pretty!

I sure hope no one blames me if something shiny comes up missing...

Lisa had a wonderful dinner ready when I got there and then a terrific quiche for breakfast! I was ready to stay at least a week... But I had to go back for the last day, and who would want to miss the fun of packing it all up and hauling it home??

These helpers of Isabel's seem to enjoy it!


  1. Joy, it was so fun to meet you at expo. You're just as I imagined - a delight! OMG, I would totally want to stay a week or longer in Lisa's gorgeous guest room too!

  2. Looks like your booth was fabulous! I have this little dream that one of these days I will be up there and able to come to an Expo like that! And maybe meet some of the great bloggers upon whose blogs I lurk.

  3. Joy, sorry to have missed Expo! You always make EVERYTHING so much fun! Have a super week!
    Betty :)
    ps I am expecting a blog ... hope it doesn't take 9 months! lol!

  4. Joy....

    What a wonderful booth you was gorgeous! All of you ladies had everything looking lovely.


    Chloe Rose
    Kindred Roses

  5. Joy, it looks just beautiful! You amaze me, every time!

    CALL or stop by. SOMEONE at my front door told me you drove by today, (right as you WERE driving by and didn't even stop for a diet coke) and I was doing nothing but relaxing after picking up a few treasures after my haircut today. (I had a little b-day $ from my Mom... had being the operative word).

    Love you,

  6. ahh.....dang....I wish that all the shows didn't choose the same weekend!! I was in Spokane doing a show.....I thought of you guys and all the goodies i was missing out on!!! well, I hope to catch you at the 4 friends sale!!!

  7. Was your number one fan there?? (The one who owns the motorboat)


  8. Hi Joy! Debbie and I had fun at Expo. Your booth looked great, it was so good to see you and to meet Isabel. Recover quickly! Laurie

  9. You are truly alive, Girl! Such fun for you. Wished I could have gone to Expo, but couldn't this time around. Wah!


  10. Wow, we are sure you had one of the best booths there! We are getting ready to put on our very first show in Puyallup, WA. Would love to have you join us! Beautiful stuff!

    The Funky Junk Sisters

  11. What a gorgeous guest room! (and a lovely blog here to match!)

    The chandelier in the pictures is divine...have a wonderful weekend!


  12. DANG IT!!!! I was in Portland last weekend and we didn't stop! That was my big plan and we got tied up in Salem leaving to late on Sunday to stop.
    DANG DANG DANG!!! I'm so mad now!