Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I'm not good at surprises, and I'm pretty sure tonight's adventure summed up why I should just give up all together on surprises. Here is the way it played out...

A couple weeks ago my good friend Sheila's husband was selected as First Citizen of their town. Wow!! What an honor, and what an all together nice guy he is and very deserving as well! There is a dinner to acknowledge him and celebrate his award, well of course I want to go and I see in the paper last week that Wednesday is the last day to get the tickets so I have Dave stop on his way home and get our tickets. So far so good, and I didn't mention to Sheila that we would be coming so then I decide not to say anything and let them be surprised to see us. And if you have been reading for long on this blog you know we don't go out very often, for a variety of reasons. But this was a really great honor and I wanted to be there, so it was worth the hassle.
Okay it started at 6pm, Dave comes home changes clothers and I tell him I think we need to be a little less casual, so he changes again... I change and we are off, naturally it is a couple minutes after 6pm when we pull in to the big parking lot at the Catholic Church where the dinner is to be held. There are close to a million cars in the parking lot, it is raining cats and dogs, but what the heck, it is worth getting soaked to do what you want to do... We go to the room where I know the dinner will be held, huh... there is only one young woman in the room and she is feeding her baby. I asked her, where is the First Citizen Dinner being held? She turns to me and says, it was Monday.... Surprise!!! Oh by the way, did you know it was Lent? Don't you just hate surprises??


So you won't think I am a complete loser, I thought I better show you that I do occasionally get something right!
I made the cutest bag out of a feed sack. Pam came toting one to the blogger party and I couldn't quit thinking about how fun it would be to make some.

I got a few sacks from Tomie (the good brother)

With horses, chickens and cats why wouldn't he have feed sacks?
I wonder how he would feel about raising pigs??

I started cutting and sewing, much easier with a pattern, but... I wanted to use the bag without cutting the sides and wanted the strap to be a continuous piece, so I had to just go for it.

Hopefully the next one won't take so long. I am happy with the results and now I am on the hunt for more sacks. I love that they are incredibly strong and durable, webbed plastic.... what could be more durable?? Originally I was trying to make a bag that could be used as a reusable grocery bag, and that is why I wanted it to be strong. Now that it is finished, I can think of a lot of uses. Who could have enough bags to carry their treasures?
I'm collecting things for Expo, it is next week. I found several of these, they would be great for storing all kinds of things.

On second thought maybe I should think about keeping them, as an attempt to be organized???


  1. Joy, Joy, Joy... Didn't you learn your lesson with the family reunion?? I love you enough to tell you that I am not surprised...!! You crazy woman! The bag turned out really cute!!!

  2. Your bag is sooooo cute. Cant wait to see you at expo. What is your booth and hall #?

    See you soon

  3. Oh my gosh, JOY! I had no idea!! You are the sweetest friend ever. I love and adore you and so does Brent.

    Love, love love you!


  4. Ha, ha, ha... You're a nut :o))
    Love your stories & that you can laugh of yourself! We all recognizes something in us (well, I do);- more or less.... Maybe we wish we could be as daring as you are :o)
    Whatever else I want to add, the comments before me, already had (that rimes)!
    You are so sweet & THANKS for being YOU!
    Hugs from Sylvi

  5. Joy, you can be in my club anytime! That is a true "Karen" experience, showing up on the wrong day. And it's good to be able to laugh at ourselves... especially when mentalpause is involved.
    Eileen & I are both from Oregon, near Portland. We're looking forward to the Farm Chicks show and Expo in the summer. Will we see you there?
    Happy sales!

  6. "think" I "May" have lost my marbles? No, I'm quite certain I have!


  7. Nice bag...very creative and resourceful! Can't wait to see/hug/kiss you this weekend! Wishing you VERY "interesting" stories at Expo!

  8. Hi Joy! It was sooo much fun to meet you on Friday at the Expo and you were so nice to chat it up with Kris and I. We couldn't quit talking about your big metal jewelry rack with all the necklaces...SO COOL!!After that we got in a fight with security when we were loading (apparently illegally?) So you were the Highlite of our day!
    come visit us in Sumner WA