Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On The Road Again

Actually on the highway, the cyber highway that is... I knew you would be thrilled to know I FINALLY got my computer back!! Yippe !!! Now I can move on to the rest of my life! Not only move on, but blog about it as well. I would bore you with all the grizzly details concerning the return of the computer, but I wouldn't want you to know how absolutely cranky/crazed, I can get when I am pushed to the limit. Let's just leave it at, when I asked to speak to my "case manager's" supervisor, he told me that he answered directly to the CEO, who didn't take calls from customers. So I said," well pass it on for me that I am not happy!" Well, I am happy now and lets just say, better late than never!

Here I am, (see how happy) with my 2 older sisters at Tarte's Sale last Saturday. Thanks Isabel for the picture!

Did I say older sisters? I meant to say, that I was the oldest (by a few months.)
We had a great time seeing everyone and all the wonderful things that Cindy had in her barn.

Here is Cindy and Barry with the Boys from Barn House.

Here is proof, you can have a big project/event/sale.
Work nonstop for several weeks getting ready...

And still like each other when it gets there.

Congratulations! Wonderful Job!

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  1. So glad you are back with us Joy-Joy!! We are sure you were sweet as pie to those computer folks. How could they not love you and make your computer their #1 priority???