Monday, February 2, 2009

Sign Me Up

I'm not sure when it is next year, but I'm ready (not physically) to do the Oregon Garden's Quilt Show. We had so much fun, and laughed so hard I think I should take up quilting! If I had time for one more thing I'd be there signing up for classes first in line this morning.

This is a friend of mine Joy, she owned the quilt shop when I moved to Silverton. She currently sells online, I always have a great time when she is anywhere nearby. With her English accent and delightful use of the language she cracks me up! She told me when she was a young bride married to an American GI, they were at big dance in England. One soldier friend of theirs was feeling blue as he would soon be leaving his English sweetheart behind. Joy, in her not so soft voice tells him as a way of encouragement, "keep your pecker up!" She discovered that could have different connotations, when the whole room became silent...

Celia and Jori's business CJ Woolies, repurposes wool, they make lots of wonderful things. They have pins

banners, sweaters, purses. hats and many other hand stitched goodies. Jori and I set up the booth on Thursday, Celia said her neighbor had some curly willow branches in their backyard we could salvage. Sounded like a great idea to us, so... off like a herd of turtles we were going to gather branches. These were not exactly what we had pictured, more like full grown trees than branches, but... with our big muscles determination we logged those babies with no little trouble. We spent the rest of the day weaving curly willow around the frame of the pop up tent and hauling in our wares.

If you happen to see Jori with the eye patch, don't make a big fuss, I told her it added to her good looks. Curly willow has a mind of it's own and somehow the one I was holding whipped her across the face a time or two and in the eye once or twice... Here is a BIG kiss for her!
She is a worker bee and I would be happy to log with her any time!

It was fun to see Florence, she came from Battle Ground to be amused by the crazy Scandinavian (Celia), sporting the hat she made from a sweater.

This little cutie tried the crown on for size over her baseball cap.

Sheila, also shared the booth with us. She and I were in the booth all day Saturday and you can bet we had the best of times!

Jori, (my one eyed friend with slash marks across her face) also sells Upper Case Living not to mention Creative Memories, she made the Create sign!

Queenie made her debut and you can be sure she was fondled by many!
Wish I could have brought these little guys home with me as I have enough to do to keep these boys busy for weeks!! But you know all that whistling can get on your nerves (while you work)

It is a beautiful day here in the NW, that means I (there are no little dwarfs here to help) better get out to the shop and clean off the porch, so those of you coming to the blogger party can get in the door if you want to make a crown or a valentine!


  1. LOL!!! Let me tell you, from personal experience, the language barrier has made me blush more than once....
    Have a good day!

  2. Joy, get some clothes on that girl.brrrr