Saturday, June 27, 2009

More of the Tour

I made another quick trip to see another friend's garden. Diane of Molly Mo is also having her garden open for the Sublimity Garden Tour this Sunday. They live in this wonderful old farm house.
This could make you want to rush out and plant a vegetable garden.
Here is the playhouse turned tea house.

What fun you could have here.

This rose decided to encircle the arbor instead of climb it.
This looks like the perfect place for a little rest.
If you make it to the Sublimity Garden Tour tell them I said hi!


  1. Joy -- Makes me want to run right over to Diane's! Oops, still in my jammies and it's only 6:30 AM! lol! Still, I COULD nap in the little tea house .....
    Betty :)
    ps - we should get together for a soda sometime soon

  2. Oh, how pretty a tea room ... what fun in there! TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. What a perfectly delightful way to spend a Sunday afternoon...wish I were there:)
    Thanks you so much for your sweet words of condolences. We are doing better...Never got a chance to say how *great* Farm Chicks was and how wonderful your space was!

  4. makes we want to empty the shed and make a tea house, vegi garden looks like too much work,LOL. Heidi

  5. such wonderful gardens! oh how i wish i had more time this year to enjoy mine! i did spend time today planting some lettuce and lemon cucumbers. missed you on saturday at the queen's place :)

  6. Thank you again Joy for helping me out this week. Especially the transformation of my girls old playhouse, everyone loved it! We had over 200 people visit the garden during the tour! A huge success for such a great cause. I'm going over to see Pam's tomorrow since I was too busy today to get over there.

  7. Wow! I would love to live in a place where the weather would stay such that I could actually have a beautiful daybed outside! And that garden is to die for!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Diane's place always looks so manicured and creative! I just love her house and her property. Great pics, Joy!


  9. Hey Joy ... is there a street show in Silverton on the 4th? You there? Haven't heard anything and we like to go a shop for goodies ... ??
    Betty :)

  10. I want a little farm house just like your friends!!