Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Talk About Sweet

What a sweetie pie came all the way from Texas to see his Auntie.

Well...Jaxson did come from Texas and he did see his Auntie...
His Great Auntie.
We had some time to get acquainted, I'm pretty sure he was as thrilled as I was...

But, it's fairly obvious he adores his Mommy!

It's been awhile since any of my boys had that kind of look for me...
(did they ever?)

Sam with Jaxson's big sister Lilly.
They almost look like siblings instead of cousins.
What fun they had.
Lazy summer days.
Gotta love your babies.


  1. Good Morning Joy!

    What sweet pictures. It makes me miss when my boys were little tiny babies. How precious.

    Your son and his little cousin are adorable.


    Chloe Rose
    Kindred Roses

  2. Aww... Cute pictures, Joy!!! Miss you!

  3. The last picture is just adorable!
    Have a wonderful summer!

  4. I've been wishing for those pictures and they are worth the wait! Jaxson is a beautiful baby - and I'm not just saying that because I'm his great Auntie too!! :-) Lilly and Sam are as adorable as ever.
    Love, Toni

  5. Angelic sweetness ... enjoy! TTFN ~ Marydon

  6. Beautiful pictures, they are all so sweet!

  7. What darling pics, Joy! I SO love the effects on the last one of Sam and Lilly! I am sooooooooooooo impressed with your new photog skills!

    Love you,


  8. Hi Joy, hope you are doing well. I have a message for your sis. I am currently scheduling a soap class for an evening after the 14th of July. I will let you know more when I do. Thanks and enjoy your 4th. Julie

  9. you captured great photographs here joy! the cousins will have those photos in their photo albums of .."remember when we were little...." see you in a couple of weeks!

  10. That is such a great shot of Jaxson and his Mama...Adorable!! The cousins REALLY look like they could be sibs! I love seeing my kids with my youngest sisters kids because they look so different. Their Daddy is African American.
    Have a wonderful Independence Day!

  11. here's that sweet photograph you mentioned today with the selective coloring. it looks fabulous! it has a timeless feel. joy i feel so fortunate to have you as a new friend. you are such a playful and funny person to be around. you just light up a room with your smile...don't blush... it's the absolute truth and i'm not even sucking up... :)