Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Learning more computer tricks…

While I was at Barn House, I had lots of conversations (and if you know me your thinking, yeah so when haven’t you)with lots of different people. One that stuck in my head was with Kim, she said she does her posts in Live Writer, it’s a free download. Well, you know free is very enticing… so I tried it and when I finished the most wonderful post ever, right at the end I erased it… Now I’m giving it another shot…Much easier to manipulate where you want your pictures than Blogger, but… still, there is the chance…

I say what the heck, live life on the edge… try something new!

This Saturday, I took the camera, which I sort of think I should name, since she is my new best friend, I was thinking of Camera pronounced like Tamara, but with a “C”.

No, well feel free to leave your suggestion.

But as I was saying, we went to The Land of Tartecindy and kimmy's shower 003

Grab a bag and join me.

cindy and kimmy's shower 072

Can I offer you a drink?

cindy and kimmy's shower 017

Sorry too late! Actually this makes me want to take up drinking something that comes in a bottle worth hanging…

(Somehow a Diet Coke can just wouldn’t be the same..)

I love this bouquet that Cindy’s mom Susan brought.

cindy and kimmy's shower 081 cindy and kimmy's shower 084

Lovely dishes from Annie, Fannie and Abigail.

cindy and kimmy's shower 035

Cindy and Robin on their way to see how it’s going at the tag sale in the stalls below.. cindy and kimmy's shower 011

Joe taking a minute for a phone call.cindy and kimmy's shower 053

I had a great time!

cindy and kimmy's shower 068

That evening I took Camera and went to a bridal shower for Kimmy.

cindy and kimmy's shower 139

Who wouldn't want to wear this lovely veil?cindy and kimmy's shower 141

I’m pretty sure that was a real diamond.

It is important to get what you might need when you will be honeymooning in Hawaii.

cindy and kimmy's shower 181

We were having fun, but someone got bored and fell asleep after he drained his drink!

cindy and kimmy's shower 106


  1. Joy it was great to see you and get a chance to visit. Thanks for the computer information, but I probably have to do a hands on type of lesson, as I learn better that way sometimes. I got a great shot of you at Cindy's sale that I will post and Erin got one too.

  2. Love it,
    that you named your camera Camera (with a C)!!!!!
    Sounds very sophisticated,
    sort of... :o)

  3. my baby always drinks then passes out. :) problem? perhaps...
    great pics! thanks for not posting any of me hehe

  4. Joy , I think Camera is the perfect name for your camera. I'm pretty sure you'll beat us to Yakima , please tell me it won't be 100 degrees. xoxo, Sue

  5. I like Camera. And this post rocks. I'm going to check out the free thingy you used. ~Mindy