Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life Begins....

I have a charm that says... Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone.
Well, I'm living now for sure!
I'm pretty sure everyone knows by now how I feel about pulling a trailer. I have done it several times and I always hate it... (the fact that I hit a car with the boat trailer in a parking lot is always there, in the back of my mind, making me uncomfortable.) I'm also fairly certain they can come off that little ball at anytime and go cruising down the highway on their own. (The fact that I have been there when one did indeed come off the little ball and was hanging on only by a small chain only confirms my fears...) So it only stands to reason that I would not want to drive a motor home... I can imagine all kinds of scenarios that could take place with me behind the wheel,
(I'd much prefer to be lounging on the bed when some mishap should take place...)
Well, as luck should have it, I found myself behind the wheel of Dumbo (the rv) this weekend...
I just grabbed the wheel and off Sam and I took. Dave the Driver pulling the trailer with a truckful behind us and my sisters for my pilot car, we were off to Barn House only a few hours behind schedule...So Dave had some tail light issues to resolve and I never saw the pilot car... (they couldn't keep up)
Thankfully I had a cell phone, since the sisters/pilot car had the directions, which included a detour. I realize how comforted all the other drivers were seeing a crazed driver weaving down the interstate screaming on a phone, which I later realized was not only unsafe but also illegal in Washington... yes I am a regular law breaker, I have also been known to run with scissors on occasion...
We did all eventually make it to Barn House and I might also say we were not the last ones there for a change!
I wish I had words that would convey the most magical time we had, if you were there you know what I am talking about. It has taken 4 days for me to finish this post because I honestly can't describe with words what makes the Barn House Events so special.
When you compliment Joe or Jermonne about the fabulous job they have done, they will invariably say, its the people who are our vendors, its the wonderful customers who support us... But if you have ever worked with them, it is obvious that they leave no detail to chance, they go the extra mile in every conceivable way, they are incredible hosts not to mention they are just darn fun to be around. I'm pretty sure that is the magic that surrounds Barn House.
I took several pictures, and I know Tiffany, Robin, and Kim were busy capturing the many wonderful moments! I have seen their posts
(as I am evidently the last person to get mine done)
Be sure you check out their blogs because their photos are amazing!
I love the friends you meet at the shows, this is my sweet baby friend Oliver, with his Grandpa.
We met him at Farm Chicks.

Cindy, Joe and Robin getting a little shade.
My sweet friend Zoe, from the Sparrow's nest...
You must recognize Lisa and Isabel

This is Rebecca and her friend
JoDee and Tiffany

More little Sparrow's and Oliver's brother, having some fun in the sun.

Where you go to get your tattoos

Oh sorry, that said tomatoes

Of course what is a party with great food?
Katherine and Karrie make everything, beautiful and delicious.

From Sylvi's booth

Oh my would you look at the time...


  1. Thanks for the chuckle this AM. I love it! I just love how you can laugh at the situation and still do all of this wonderful stuff! I really don't know how you do it all. But am so glad you do. Barn House sounds wonderful...
    P.S. I use paint buckets b/c my husband is a painting contractor and we *never* throw them away or the paint flats(those boxes that the store gets gallons of paint in) you know they are as indispensable as duct tape?

  2. Hi I missed you all, I will soon be posting on the Lavender Festival in Sequim Washington.

  3. Good for you for doing something out of your comfort zone! We should all be so brave! Great pictures

  4. Chucle, chucle, chukle :o)
    As always: Your blog is indeed a great joy to visit!
    Thanks for a great show!

  5. ROFLOL ... TY for making my day. TTFN ~Marydon

  6. I heard some friends drove all the way up to the Barn House just to take you a plate of cookies. Where they mentioned in this post? Did you show pictures of them in this post???? Just kidding, loved the show and we love YOU!

  7. Dear Sweet Joy!! We feel like we've known you all our life! We are thrilled to be a little part of your world. Looking forward to seeing you in October, for our Mad Hatter Vintage Flea Market. I know it will be fun, because you'll be there! Best, Junebug/Glad & Cel
    P.S. Oliver sends XOXO

  8. I read your post about BH.It was a very fun one to read.I had a smile for sure.I like the little jokes you added.I must say I can relate with the driving.Scary! I do know that been there many times(even-more-so this past year).I have some good stories.Glad you are safe at home.Have a bright and cheerful day.Fun Finds 2 U...Chickie

  9. I drove a motorhome ONCE. Fantastic show at BH! Where is the mad hatters show I saw mentioned? I wanna come shop!

  10. Hi there....I was the one bought the pink chair, pink step ladder and your cowboy boots (minus your socks;) This past week I had the opportunity to use the chair in a photo shoot and I love it! Can't wait to use the other props too! I posted a picture on my new photography blog at

    I hope you like it and thanks again for the great purchases!

  11. Oh but this is my personal blog here and I wrote about the day on this blog too....Elise Liptack

  12. your humor adds so much to each post joy! and clearly it brings out the best in all your visitors, family and friends.


  13. So glad you had a wonderful time once you got to BarnHouse and had so many friends to visit with. I always loved driving our big old Bounder RV, I must have been a trucker in a past life! Thank you for sharing your photos. We are off to the Faerieworlds festival in Eugene this next weekend.

  14. Hey cashiering buddy posted a great picture of you and Florence on my blog.. You just light up the world and it is so Awesome!
    Fun as always, see you soon, Erin

  15. Joy, you just make our hearts smile! We love you and thank you for being here with means the world!!

    Much love,

    J & J

  16. I'm catching up on was so nice to meet you at Barn House, I hope to find your booth again at future events!