Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Portland Expo

expo 001 It makes for a pretty long weekend, but it is always a lot of fun doing Expo.

expo 027

I took a of bunch of pictures but, mostly of the same things.

expo 058

expo 050

I made a few necklaces using the techniques I learned at Art Retreat.

I am always so glad when people stop by to say hi!

I was happy to see my new friend from Art Camp, Lonnie. As well as all the others who I didn’t get a picture of…

We did however get Maryann to take this,

expo 078 Isabel and I were glad to visit with Tracey when she stopped by to say hi!


  expo 025

This is Sophie, she came styling her Halloween collar.

expo 034




This little lady reminded me of June Cleaver.




expo 032There were crows everywhere!

And vendors were acting crazy!

expo 013

expo 011

I told you we were having fun!


  1. You always have fun!!! What a great show it was, Debbie and I had fun shopping and visiting. It was (as always) very good to see you. Have a great week and get some rest! xo Laurie

  2. Hello!! I just visited your blog and I just LOVE your booth at the Portland Antique
    Expo! I really like the necklaces you made! You said you made them at Art Retreat; can you tell me more about that? Was it through Art and Soul? I'm always looking for workshops relating to making art, particularly jewelry.

    Thanks so much for your time and I'm so happy I found your blog; I got the link from Notes from A Cottage Industry. Keep up the great work! I love the eye candy; it's very inspiring!


  3. I wish i could have made the Expo but i was having our annual harvest party..come check it out i would love to have ya! I missed your great booth!

  4. Looks like lots of fun! I am loving that belt buckle. Cool use of those dressforms and mannequins. ~Mindy

  5. It looks like SO much fun! Expert soldering, my dear!