Monday, October 12, 2009

Treasures from the Beach

Many times I have worked on projects in the all consuming way I seem to prefer, but I have never had the opportunity to leave all my obligations behind and totally focus for a whole weekend.  It was amazing to have someone taking care of anything I might possibly want, and someone else taking care of the home front…  That alone would have been a great treat.

Learning new art techniques, and having time to practice old ones, was simply amazing.  The food fantastic and the company terrific. 

beach retreat 2 002 

beach retreat 2 003

It was an extra bonus that the weather was perfect and we had a wonderful panoramic view of the beach from the classroom.

beach retreat 2 004 

I must admit that it didn’t matter that the weather was fabulous and the view outstanding, because I didn’t go outside or rarely looked up I was having such a great time doing what I love to do!

We did a lot of other projects, besides just the one’s I am showing.  If you want to check out Terri’s website you can see the variety of classes that she offers.  It is such a great experience, I hope to see you there sometime!

Here is the charm that we were to make everyone was to use all the same basic supplies, but in any combination they chose.beach 3 006


beach 3 008


This was a fun easy project that I still need to add my little rhinestones too.beach 3 015

This charm with the “B” was fun, I love deciding what to put inside, but the soldering is so cool!  beach 3 017 I have tried soldering before, and with pretty bad results. I feel encouraged that I can now practice and become somewhat adept at the process.beach 3 019 This was really, really fun to put together, I could have spent a week just adding more details. The numbers on the windows are for the years that Dave and I were born…

beach 3 036


The back of the house.

 beach 3 043

This was so incredible to make, we actually took sterling silver wire and made the links, then soldered them. We learned to use a torch and the center of our bracelets was 2 pieces that we attached with solder or fused together…  Then we could stamp whatever we wanted in the center or wherever on the piece.  There are so many more options when you can manipulate the metal this way, it is a little overwhelming at the possibilities, naturally I want to try all of them.

beach 3 048


Oh yes, I did go outside for this picture… I was forced!  But now at least I have a picture of my new 20 best friends!

DSC05233 (1)


  1. Everything looks wonderful! I can only imagine how much fun you must have had. I can't wait to see it in person. Love, Terri

  2. I was thinking about you all weekend and thinking how much fun you must be having, thanks for sharing with us. Florence

  3. Oh, my goodness, I can't believe how much you made in one weekend!!!! That house is to die for.... Miss you!

  4. Joy, it was so fun getting to know you, Im so glad you came, hope to see you at camp Next year! big HUG! Terri

  5. Joy...

    So glad you sat next to me. What a fun girl you are! Hope to make it to Expo to see you and maybe your show in December ;)


  6. Looks like a of the benefits of getting older, we do what our heart leads us to do....come hell or high water!

  7. Hi Joy - this looks absolutely wonderful. It looks like an event that would 'feed my soul' ;-)

  8. It was so great to meet you and spend time with you and Sheila! Thanks to both of you for shuttleing me from and back to the Airport! I so enjoyed my chatting time in the car with both of you! Maybe I will make it up sometime to one of your shows...or see you at the next ART CAMP!!! xoxo Natalie
    P.s. I am going to add your link to my blog!!

  9. Hi Joy - me again...can you leave me a comment so I can reply and send you an e-mail. I've tried sending two and they won't go through...thx.

  10. I definitely want to go to the Art Camp, my niece and nephew go to Whitworth so I might be able to tie it into a trip with my sister. Thanks for coming by my blog to let me know. By the way, your photos are wonderful. Jules

  11. Oh that looks like a very FUN weekend!! Thanks for the kind comment on the blog:) I've heard so much about the famous Auntie Joy and now she left a comment for me..yipee!!