Sunday, November 29, 2009

Have I Mentioned the Open House?

I sure hope your planning to come for the Open House Friday Night December 4th or Saturday December 5th. christmas open house 2009 - Page 001-1I am still busy trying to get all the pieces in place.

I luckily have had a little help from

Elf Emily!


The tree needed a few more ornaments…

002   christmas decorating 018

Remember the issue with the shelf I removed?xmas decorating 001 christmas decorating 013

Not hard to believe I had an extra mantle, but more unlikely I would be able to find it and… it would actually fit.



Good thing I took the picture of this, I notice the glass dome is just a little askew…

christmas decorating 021

I love the little chair I got from Lulu.

christmas decorating 028 

christmas decorating 017

I’ll be serving up Marcia’s punch, hope you can stop by!

christmas decorating 040


  1. Oh, I want to be there but I'm so overbooked this weekend. I committed to doing music at three events and taking my dear little mom and my cousin who is new to our area to two holiday events in the same weekend! Next year I will have to be sure to leave room for your event on my calendar. Can't wait to hear all about it. ~Adrienne~

  2. It all looks so wonderful...what a treat it would be to be able to attend!

  3. I am excited to come,yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs Florence

  4. Everything looks so wonderful....your house looks different, guess I haven't been there in quit some time. I love you and miss you. Take care of yourself. Love, Cuzin Kay

  5. My post above sounds like I meant your house didn't look wonderful before.....and that's just not true. You know I love your style...and that you change it often. ....and the word is quite some time. Hope your Thanksgiving was peaceful. Love, Kay

  6. How I wish I lived closer. I'm sorta needing a Joy hit.

  7. Oh, Joy! Everything looks WONDERFUL! And OF COURSE you had an extra mantle!! DUH! But you are right ... it was INCREDIBLE that you could find it AND it fit so PERFECT!!
    Sure hoping to be there and help get the jingle going!!
    Betty :)

  8. Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait! Only 2 more days til I get there!


  9. WOW Joy! You ROCK! You are almost ready by the looks of things! I love Elf Emily. Isn't she precious? She'll do anything... work, display pose in Christmas hat, you name it! She's a keeper.

    Love from one of your "other" Elves!

  10. Everything looks beautiful...Such luck with the mantle!! Have a nice weekend!

  11. Sounds like fun for all. Too bad Texas is soooooooooooo far away. Merry Christmas! Charlene