Friday, November 20, 2009

Help! I’m Drowning

That’s in a sea of good intentions… I’ve kept this, collected that and now it’s fairly evident I will not be needing the hundreds of wooden spools I have saved.  I won’t have time to use even a small percentage of the vintage lace and fabric I have held onto for all those projects I will get to, someday…xmas decorating 013

Why would I need dozens of packages of sewing needles???

How many paperclips will I ever be able to use??  Thankfully I have 2 boxes of random wire… If there is ever a shortage of straight pins, come on by, I have enough to supply the nation.

xmas decorating 014 It goes without saying buttons are one thing you could never have enough of.. And obviously they should be sorted and arranged in some kind of interesting order.

xmas decorating 021Thankfully I had enough broken strands of pearls to fill these bottles.

Let’s not talk about sheet music, old books and anything else I, or possibly even someone I know, might someday need.

It’s all fun and games until time to get the shop in order for the Christmas Show!  Thankfully I have my head above water now and I’m on my way.

xmas decorating 024

Lucky for me Sam is a big help decorating… I told him to be sure and get some ornaments on the inside of the tree, not just on the outside.  Seems he was actually listening.  He took it upon himself to hang the  ornament on the wall, when I said not to put it on the tree. I need to make a note to myself to turn it around. 

It just doesn’t look right “yoj”…

This is what was behind the coat rack, that I never intended to move, so I left it on the wall the last time I painted… 

xmas decorating 001

As I said before, “Help, I’m drowning!” 

Or is the saying,

“The road to Hell, is paved with good intentions?

Only 14 days, but who’s panicked??

christmas open house 2009 - Page 001


  1. Hi, sweetie!
    So looking forward to seeing you (and the shop, lol!) And hey, I just might "NEED" some of those supplies ... like the two boxes of random wire ... ??!!
    Betty :)

  2. Hi Joy!

    Save me some of that sheet music! I will gladly take some home with me! I am so excited! I can't believe that I will be there in just 14 days!!!

    See you soon!

  3. Good luck, Joy!!!
    Everything looks marvelous!

  4. Great organizing there my friend, I am so looking forward to your show, I am planning on No snow. Hugs Florence

  5. Hey Girl!
    Hope you're bringing some of that to Monticello! Hee Hee.. Joyce

  6. I guess this post answers my thought in my e-mail to you regarding...'hoping that you're manuevering through this time of year w/o too much stress'. Busy, busy...I love your musings re: 'too much stuff' ~ that really is my world too but I always want more...really, I do. I just can't's a sickness! love it!

  7. SEE, this is what I'm talking about in my post today! I hadn't even read your blog post yet! I'm tellin' ya! You're very special (and I don't mean the quirky kind of special... I did consider it though)...


  8. You're not the only member of this club you know, we're all just one shopping trip away from the next "Hoarders" episode on A & E!
    Let me know when you want me to help...

  9. WOW is this!
    You have a great collection, too bad I don't sew:)
    Hope you have a wonderful show I'm sure you will pull it off without a hitch!
    Happy Thanksgiving

  10. Everything will be as lovely as usual! I would love to come down for that. Maybe a visit to Grandma's is in order that weekend.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
    Have a wonderful day