Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Do you need a good laugh?

I didn’t realize until a few years ago that I sometimes laugh louder than most people.  That could be because while I have learned to use my inside voice, I still haven’t mastered my inside laugh.  Or perhaps I think some things are so funny you can’t help yourself… Any way, right before my niece left to go back to Michigan after Christmas, we all ended up at Borders Bookstore with the kids.

I’m off looking at magazines and I hear the kids laughing,

Dave (The Saint) is with the kids, did they find a funny book?

pf changs 111 

pf changs 107






pf changs 092 






pf changs 086






I don’t think a book can be this funny?

pf changs 095 pf changs 089

pf changs 105 pf changs 100

pf changs 110

Sam, what are you doing to make her laugh like this?

pf changs 094

He is also not using his inside laugh… 



Guess what they have for sale at Border’s?



pf changs 112

I’m thinking they may want to rethink their merchandise if they don’t want some serious laughing going on!


  1. If you build it, they will....! I bought my grandson one for Christmas...his parents love me now!

  2. I love your laugh, it is contagious!!! You always know when you are at a sale and know it will be a fun sale.

  3. I absolutely love that wonderful laugh of yours! I think you're right about B & N! If there's a whoopie cushion anywhere near my kids we end up having a laughing storm! Cute pics!


  4. Your laugh makes everybody happy, Joy!!! Keep it coming....