Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things That Go Bling

necklaces 011

I’ve been working on some necklaces the past couple of days.  I love collecting the pieces, then organizing them in little drawers.  It is my favorite pastime of late. necklaces 014

necklaces 019

Hope you are getting lots of projects completed these long winter days!

I will be teaching a

Crown Making Class,

Saturday, Feb.27

1pm until 3pm

at Deepwood Mansion.

  If you  would like to join us you can click on the picture in my sidebar for details. 

Would love to have you there!


  1. wow you are up late too, this evening. We have got to get our sleep. Yikes. Hugs to you! Florence

  2. I am ALLLLLL in love with that first necklace.
    It's whispering my name through the computer monitor.

    Great work..I LOVE IT!!!!!

  3. Could I get your email address again. I have something I want to discuss with you. Laurie