Friday, April 23, 2010

Farming Country

dusty's bday 016Love these old grain elevators from Central Oregon. quite a different view than what I am use to seeing, in the Willamette Valley.

dusty's bday 019

Are you wondering what kind of propeller this might be?

dusty's bday 017

Look what they are producing with what once was considered annoying wind!

dusty's bday 005

Got to love the valley.

dusty's bday 088

A great place for a home.

dusty's bday 093

Many different sizes.

dusty's bday 101 Lots of different styles.

dusty's bday 102 Many will have a tractor .

dusty's bday 102

dusty's bday 107

Farmers need tractors.

dusty's bday 122

They have many uses.

dusty's bday 119

More uses than you might have known!

dusty's bday 049


  1. I absolutely love living in farm country. It feeds my soul!

  2. What a fun post and so beautiful.

  3. Farm Country is the best, growing up in the Hood River Valley, definitely was living in farm country. Big barns, large farm equipment, and the smell of the soil. Wow. Hugs to you. Florence

  4. I'm loving those Farmers! My Grandparents farmed the Yakima Valley!

    I'm having a giveaway over at Bungalow Bling,,,if inclined, stop by and say hi and Enter!

    Have a great remainder of the weekend! It was flippin' cold in Snohomish today! And still, we sold sun dresses and sun glasses (?) in Joyworks!


  5. They always find a way to scare us, don't they?? Happy Birthday to Dusty!! Brock wants to know what they are doing in this pic and I'll let you ask Dustin and then you or Sam can explain it to Brock! Beautiful pictures. Thank you for your sweet and encouraging thoughts and words.


  6. Love you photos! It was almost like going back home again - we lived in Central/Eastern Oregon when we were first married and I loved the country life. Would go back in an instant! Well, maybe.

    I loved being with you the other day and seeing your home and shop. Can't wait to get back to your town again soon and visit you - and my new grandbaby!

  7. Love your farm photos!! I have a soft spot for worn old barns.....Reminds me of feeding the baby calves in my Uncle Jimmy's barn when my kids were toddlers. Sorry to hear about your travel troubles but am glad you ended up with a nice place to stay!

  8. Beautiful pictures Joy! Makes me want to move home to the Skagit Valley. Love the final photo.
    Have a wonderful weekend!