Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Count Down for Farm Chicks

Way back in January when the applications for vendors to Farm Chicks was sent in and my spot was secured, I thought of all the things I would take to Farm Chicks.  The list was long, and grows daily.  So NOW it’s time to get all those ideas, finished and ready to go. 

I spent last week playing catch up, I need to hurry, the flowers are here!

6 pak and jewelry 119

6 pak and jewelry 120

6 pak and jewelry 124

Does anyone know a great way to get the ants of the peonies before bringing them in the house??


6 pak and jewelry 129   Seems a little ridiculous to spray with raid…


This is my favorite, can’t wait to see it in bloom!


6 pak and jewelry 126


However, I certainly don’t have time to sit around and watch the flowers grow!



I’m busy making these,

6 pak and jewelry 092

6 pak and jewelry 087


And you know what they say…

6 pak and jewelry 086

The clocks ticking!


  1. Gorgeous flowers! I think I remember a man on TV several years ago saying to spray with dish detergent diluted in water to get rid of bugs on your flowers. I know it's supposed to work for aphids - maybe for ants, too!

  2. Looking Good... get back to work ;)


  3. Oh, I love the necklaces! Peonies are one of my favorites next to roses but the ants are a pain.

    Have not seen you forever! Good luck at FC if I don't talk to you before then!


  4. Pretty flowers and necklaces! I cannot wait for Farm Chicks and seeing you there.

  5. Keep on working my friend. All those shoppers are getting excited. Hugs Florence

  6. Just discovered your blog. Cant remember where I came from...LOL. Love your flowers and pics of Barn House show. Im in love with all old rusty things.Would love to attend Farm Chics but will be on vacation. If you are ever in Richland Wa. visit The Rusty Pelican antique store..I have a space there. I will be back to visit again...Sally

  7. as you already know i am so excited to be your assistant at Farm Chicks! i just saw a photo of isabelle's from farm chicks last year and i realized i not only want to take photos but i also want to shop!! i think i am catching the vintage clothing bug from being around all of you :) so good to see you yesterday as always :)


  8. I love your blog...love your stuff...girl, you have talent!

  9. Pretty! You'll have a ball! Yesterday was fun! See ya soon,


  10. Hi Funny lady! Can't wait for FC! See you soon!

  11. Hey Joy!

    I am sorry I haven't been by your blog in soooo long! I miss you! I am really missing all my PNW girls! I wish I was going to FC! :( But, I am trying to see if I can make it to the Barn House Flea in July! :)

    I love your necklaces...wish I knew how to make them. I have a box of old pocket watch faces and parts. I have been telling my hubby that we should move out there so that I can take classes and go junkin' with all of you!

    Have fun at FC! Hope to see you this summer, maybe!


  12. Joy, what a great and just fabulous blog! Just dropped in to say hello!


  13. Fun post!! Soo can't wait to give you a really big hug at Farm Chicks! Yay!!