Friday, May 28, 2010

The Three “P’s”

If you have ever been a vendor you know what I am talking about, it is time for the dreaded P’s.  You know, packaging, pricing and packing.  Here’s where you really see what your made of, you see how strong your back is, for that matter, you see how strong your marriage is…

farm chicks 011

There’s been a time when Dave was inside the trailer loading the treasures, when a teeny, tiny little part of me wanted to accidently shut the door, turn the key and take off.  But the smarter part remembers he’s the driver and how could he do his job locked in the trailer?

All those challenges will be left behind, once we are on our way, and back to that story book marriage…

I’m so excited to get to Farm Chicks, to see my friends and to meet new ones.  I have been working on a little gift for the first 25 of you that come by to say that you read my blog and are glad to be at Farm Chicks!

Serena sent this really cool map so you could plan ahead where you want to shop.


  You can pick up a copy at the show. 

You can find me in Bay 1, Booth 105 & 106.

You will also see these sweet friends at the show. 


isabels craft time 019 On the left is my friend Robin, she is coming to help me set up and will be helping in the booth on Saturday.  She is one of the most amazing photographers, she has the ability to capture the true essence of her subjects.  Check out her blog Bird Tweets, you will see what I mean.


I’m sure you recognize my two friends Isabel and Lisa. Their booths are the next ones, on the same aisle as mine, you will want to mark theirs as  booths you want to get to early.

There are so many incredible vendors and guests/shoppers at this show.  I was hoping to memorize all the vendors names, but… I failed.  I am trying to pay more attention to names, because I really do care.  The thing is when I get excited… 


  1. Good luck at the show. Wish I could go.

  2. Man...I wish I was closer! Texas is a little too far, but I decided to stop in here anyway!

  3. Hope the show goes well, I'll see you BH in July! Drive Safe.

  4. You get excited, nayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! This is my first year for Farm Chicks. I've wanted to go before but that darn job and life seem to get in the way. My New Years resolution was to be the year for me. So I am trying really hard to do things I want and just for me. Good luck with the show, hope you sell lots but most of all have fun!

  5. Ohhh..can't wait. I'll definitely be stopping by your booth to say HI!!! It's going to be a wonderful weekend!

  6. So excited that I was able to get coverage at work to come! (Not to mention, hopefully get away from some of this west side RAIN,,Ackk!)

    I'll be by for sure! Be safe driving and hope everything goes smoothly.


  7. OH POOOH, I want to go to Farm Chicks too!!! I tell you what, Mindy better have that baby on my birthday, cuz I am missing FC to stay here for that special delivery. Have fun, see ya when you get back. Pam

  8. Hi Joy! We are so looking forward to seeing you at Farm Chicks, it's always fun to have you for our neighbor! See you soon. Glad & Cel/Junebug

  9. Safe travels to the Farm Chicks, I will see you there, my daughter is meeting me there, she is coming from Montana. Yeah. Hugs Florence

  10. Oh my goodness that's all my mom and I have been doing!! I can completely relate. Those things are the worst, too. And cleaning. Lots and lots of making sure everything is super clean. Oh well! It's always worth it. See you there!

  11. I see you in you RV and trailer heading to the chik event Have fun and god luck! I see Teeri at the end of the month at her event in San Diego!! Thinking of my dear freind!!

  12. Lovely blog, just came across it today. I will come back for a longer visit. I am now a new follower. Please come by for a visit. XO MARY