Friday, July 2, 2010

The Continuing Adventures, San Diego Style

The idea was that every day of the journey south, I would do a short post to keep all of you readers (or should I say both of you…) up to date on the crazy fun we are having?  Needless to say that idea was out the window (no pun intended) on the drive down.  Every day we do something blog worthy, but sadly I am either having fun or sleeping, so that leaves little time for posting.  With that said I will back up almost a week and share some photos from the sale we did in Solana Beach at the Mermaids Mercantile.

There were lots of vendors we enjoyed, wish I had taken more photos so I could share, but thankfully I got one of this adorable lady Nikki. she was so much fun. One of her friends was at Farm Chicks and she told me that Nikki would be at the sale and we would have a great time with her. She was right we all loved her and thankfully we were outside vendors and didn’t need to be reminded

 “to use our inside voices”

san diego 2 016

It was fun meeting Jane and Deb they had a beautiful booth, Jane does gorgeous jewelry and Deb makes the most wonderful linen clothes,  I bought a beautiful pale aqua linen dress which you will undoubtedly see me wearing often!

san diego 2 027


Here is Cindy with Sherri. she and Sandra from Urban Barn came to say hello. 

san diego 2 032


While we were busy selling our wares, Terri was next door teaching classes to the masses workshops.

Dottie (3rd from the right) was taking the workshops, but often could be sighted "out and about.” 

Here she is pictured with friends that came by.

san diego 2 089

It was a pleasure to become acquainted with Kim, who was also taking Terri’s class.

san diego 2 101

Here are a couple of the classes that Terri taught while we were here. Next post I will share pictures that I took while I was

“out and about”

checking out the workshops!


  1. Looks like an amazing good time! See you Sunday.

  2. OOH looks like FUN!!! Shows with palm trees in the background and SUN who would have thunk it!:)

  3. Oh Darling Joy,
    I feel so grateful and blessed to have met you :-)
    You are a precious, precious girl, I cannot wait to see you again!
    Thank you for coming, you make me smile.

  4. Looks like fun! Can't wait to hear about all of your adventures! Hello to Cindy and Terri!


  5. Hi Sweet Joy. Thanks for the kind words. It was such a blast spending time with you. I especially love Sam's story about "that Diet Coke's not really working , Mom". What a great kid! Can't wait to see you guys again! probably not till next Farm Chicks show- boo-hoo Blessings and take care! Love, Nicki

  6. I didn't know that you had an "inside" voice, Joy!!! haha... wish I could have road tripped with you girls!!

  7. It was so great to meet you!!! So glad you stopped by the Urban Barn for a visit. Hope to meet again.