Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Little Side Trip…Did I say Trip???

We had promised Sam that we would take him to Bend to see his brother Ty in Bend.  Sam is only 15 years younger than Ty, so naturally they are close…

bend 028

We took Dumbo, (the rv) and spent some time roughing it in the wild.

We roasted some hotdogs, and made a few s’mores.  Thankfully I brought some  jewelry making supplies with me and here is one of my original ideas.

bend 008 

Feel free to copy this idea. it works rather well…

I like to bring a few things to work on where ever I go somewhere.

bend 013

I start with a few,

bend 016


Then a few more,

bend 017

And the next thing I know…

bend 018

This guy was taunting me,

bend 027

and then I saw this scary bird like thingy…

bend 002 

Thankfully I had on my running shoes!

bend 005

And by the way, if someone tries to tell you they saw me hurrying across the parking lot on my way to Barnes and Noble to buy the latest Sommerset magazine. Be sure to tell them, it must have been someone else that tripped on that giant bolder/tiny little pebble and landed on their hands and knees in front of who knows how many dozen people.  And for that matter, if someone hops up and staggers away, it would be okay to pretend you didn’t notice…  It is alright to assume when they say they are okay, you don’t need to offer first aid…    


  1. Hi There, My first visit here. I followed the Barn House link. Glad I did.

  2. That is soooo funny, I tripped on a sidewalk crack in downtown Molalla once.....two city workers were working on the corner, I was so embarrassed that I jumped up and casually continued on down the street, like nothing happened. Wasn't hurt but by golly, if I had broken my leg I would have figured out how to save face and look cool! Aren't we funny! See you at BH!

  3. Ouch!!!
    I can just picture it. Hope you had a great time in Bend.
    See ya soon

  4. Sooo fun to read your blog!!! Thanks for sharing!! . . . liz

  5. I have done the trip, but act cool dance WAY more times than I can count. A couple of times I have pretended that I meant to stop, drop and roll so that people think I was just trying to be funny. Usually it hurts, but they don't need to know. When you're as clumsy as I am, you find strategies. I second the idea that people need to turn away and let me just laugh at myself.