Friday, September 24, 2010

More Barn House Sneak Peeks

Are you wondering about those Barn House turkeys? 

Are they sleeping on the job?

barn house 020


Absolutely not, however there is some serious gobbling going on in back, where the real Barn House turkeys call home.  They are no doubt wondering what all the commotion is about.

Lovely displays are being created!

barn house 010  

All sorts of harvest bounty for your decorating pleasure!barn house 017

The Barn House Fall Harvest Season Finale is going to be amazing!  I hope to see you Saturday, check out the details here.

barn house 016


Always different from any of their previous shows.  

I’m risking someone might loose my camera for me if I give away too much of the marvel that is being created.

What the heck, I will capture a few more sneak peaks tonight, those turkeys don’t scare me.


  1. Gobble, gobble...up those photos!

  2. Love your photo's thanks for sharing. It was good to see some of all of you on Friday. I will certainly look forward to seeing everyone again soon. Hugs Florence

  3. It was Fabulous! Thanks & Cheers ~Kim

  4. What wonderful photos...very intriging and inspiring! Nashville loves ya!