Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let’s Talk About Why I Haven’t Been Blogging…

I’ve said it before but it so true, when I am busy doing fun exciting things there isn’t time to blog.   When I have free time, I have nothing fun or exciting to blog about.  That is all to say, I have been having lots of fun and no time to blog, heck I haven’t had time to even sleep I’ve been having so much fun. 

It was a beautiful day at the Barn House Season Finale.

barn house fall sale 001

  It was great seeing many of you there.

barn house fall sale 002

barn house fall sale 006

  A couple days later I removed the few things left from the

Fall Show at Monticello’s.

monticello albany coburg 061

  And a couple of days after that I packed my bags and headed to Lincoln City for Art Camp.

What a great time I had with my 37 new best friends.

2010-10-05 art camp Fall

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What a treat to have Jo Packham come to Art Camp with the Fanciest Farm Girl I know.  Tiffany taught a class on how to make a crown.

art camp Fall 021  

Some of the ladies looking adorable modeling their handiwork.

I’m home for a couple of weeks now, and I am getting things ready for Ruffles and Rust

timi-postcardfront-final (1)

I am really, really, looking forward to going to Monroe, Washington to do this show, it is the second one that Timi has orchestrated.  The first one was an overwhelming success.  This is a new venue with lots of parking and many new vendors.

Please join us in being High Society for an evening or the day

When: October 22 & 23, 2010

Where:  Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe Washington

The Display Hall

Some of the best vendors from around the Pacific Northwest.

Check here for,

The Details

Look here soon for discount coupons to use for Saturday admission and for some sneak peeks.


  1. I just had to comment that I am a lover of chic junk and sisterhood and you and this group of friends always look like you have the best time. I've been moving around for the past 4 years since I sold my home and studio to travel with the hubby for his work. i enjoy stopping by here and some other sites like yours to breath in the creativity. Thanks for posting these pics. I'd love to visit this Barn House one day. Many blessings on your next event

  2. Joy,

    I'm glad you are having a great time. You bring the fun to any event you are doing. Whenever I hear your laugh, it makes me smile. You are a funny lady!

    Hope you have a wonderful time in Monroe.



  3. You've been busy-and having fun, my friend. Missed you here but so glad you've been out and about. Maybe one of these winter days I can get to Silverton and introduce you to my daughter. You would love her - and she would feel the same about you. Hope I can see you again soon.

  4. Blessings, I'm so excited for you!


  5. You are one business lady. Contemplating whether I can go to Monroe. I am working on it. Hugs Florence

  6. YOu know you amaze me, you are a women that just keeps on going and going and going while smileing and laughing.. I am so glad you came into my LIFE! Art Camp was the BEST so far, I am actually looking forward to planning the next event!.. Miss you girlfriend..

  7. So glad you are having fun!! Art CAmp must have rocked!!!
    I've been working.......

  8. Oh, Joy, I'm so excited that I'll be seeing you at Ruffles & Rust in a couple weeks. How wonderful!!! You will be THE star of the Blogger's Ball....

  9. Joy,
    I had so much fun getting to talk to you at Art Camp and laughing with you and a couple tears too : ) You have the best laugh! I have never needed a vacation more and it was PERFECT! I am hoping to get to go to Ruffles and Rust. Oh and by the way, my daughter loved her necklace! Thank you so much

  10. Hey you
    I guess the energizer bunny's batteries haven't died yet! You are some BUSY woman....have a prosperous time at Ruffles and Rust! We'll see you at the Tarte Barn coming up soon!

  11. Art Camp sounds fabulous! Barn House was even more fabulous, love all you peeps.~Cheers Kim