Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas in the Making

We’ve been enjoying the season, and looking forward to today with great anticipation.

Last weekend I spent the afternoon with The Tarte Family and The BH Boys.


Joe had agreed to teach Cindy and I to make tamales.

tamales 004 

This is not a quick, let’s just throw these together dinner!

tamales 005

tamales 012

tamales 009

tamales 018

tamales 021

tamales 022

tamales 037


tamales 028

Fun day learning something new,

and  though I was voted least likely to succeed in the tamale making circle,

they were certainly enough to impress everyone who tried them!


Then I tied myself to the chair so I could finish a couple of quilts.

quilt and Christmas Eve 001


Thankfully I have been introduced to Hulu and Netfix  so I can be entertained while I sew.

  quilt and Christmas Eve 011

Wish I had taken a picture of the finished projects  before I wrapped them , but it is hard to think of these details at 3am.

Another reason for starting projects  a little earlier I suppose…

Sweet little babies came to make Christmas special.

quilt and Christmas Eve 072

Bringing a message for all,


“give the ones you love a hug!”


quilt and Christmas Eve 037


  1. Now this is a true Southwest christmas eve Tradition . This year I went vegetarian so no tamales. I missed them . I made green chile corn chowder instead .

  2. Merry Christmas Joy, hope your day was all that you wanted. Hugs Florence

  3. Hi dear friend. I miss you, but so good to hear you had a nice Christmas. I hope we can get together soon!


  4. What a wonderful holiday Joy!!! Merry Christmas!!

  5. It was so nice for us to be with you this holiday season.



  6. Joy, it was such a treat to run into you at Monticello yesterday! Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

  7. Hey Doll,
    "Happy New Year!"
    Have A Fabulous 2011!