Sunday, January 2, 2011

This Is The Year

A couple of weeks ago, my friend was here and we were going to make banners for our studios proclaiming our word for the year. After MUCH deliberation and contemplation I chose Balance, well I actually ended up with a phrase “The Art of Balance”. That sounds more like what should hang in the studio than Balance, more for a gym… don’t you think?? I originally thought of Organize, but seriously… what is the chance?? Banner or no banner that seems pretty farfetched!

Sadly we didn’t finish the banner, maybe the word should be FOCUS???

Either way I’m going with Balance and until the banner is up I can just look at cork board and there it is…

christmas and jewelry 072

I’ve been spending some time getting things “in order”, organized comes to mind, but…

I decided to show you a little glimpse of why it is such a struggle.

I start out with the best of intentions

christmas and jewelry 063

I like to work on a game board, the theory being if I have to stop and clean off the table before I am done, I can fold up the board and all the pieces I was using are still in one place.

christmas and jewelry 066

It’s all good until I open the drawers

christmas and jewelry 071

I want to see all my choices…

christmas and jewelry 150

And there you have it!

Are you asking yourself what is oddball wire stuff??

christmas and jewelry 157

These little guys I think are for computers?? Or something electronic…

But they work really slick for attaching the beads to the necklace.

christmas and jewelry 139

This was the first time I used them and I am anxious to try some other ways.

christmas and jewelry 138

Another necklace.

christmas and jewelry 130

And one more

christmas and jewelry 148

I have a problem when it comes to buying things I know practically nothing about, like computers, cameras, well I guess anything electrical, mechanical or electronic…It seems like you make a choice and then the next week they are either obsolete or half price… Sometimes waiting is easier, but eventually I bite the bullet.

After MUCH deliberation and contemplation,

I’m sensing a life pattern here…

I got the Droid Smart Phone.

I think I should have moved a little quicker on this…

I feel like a skipped a step and now I’m not sure how to make a call, but I can post to my blog, Skype and check Facebook all at the same time…

christmas and jewelry 160

I’m looking forward to 2012, with “The Balancing Act”, I mean… “The Art of Balance”as my mantra.

Gee, after I posted this I realized it was only 2011...I feel much better,

I have another whole year to "get balanced... "


  1. I'm already balanced...Diet Coke in one hand, Sees candy in the other. Will get organized in 2012.

  2. My two words this year is "SIMPLIFY and ORGANIZE"! My office and house is has been a disaster since Halloween and I am ready to change it.

  3. Joy! You are so cute! I might have been fairly polite about the whole 2012 thing if I hadn't seen you today! What is it like to skip a whole year of your life :0)...

    You're the best and I'm looking forward to seeing you alot in 2012, ooops I mean 2011!!!!!


  4. P.S. I do like your word. Balance is a good thing!

  5. Blessings on your balancing goals. I love it. What a fun post.

  6. Organized....just a word I wish I was! Like you I need to see it all and all doesn't fit in one drawer!

  7. Finding Balance is an art all in its self. I will see you finding the balance my friend. Hugs Florence

  8. First I love your drawers. Full of things I mean just love all that small treasures.

    Second I am thinking about getting that new smart phone but not sure how to post from it???? and post pictures since I will be traveling this year maybe I need a new phone like yours instaed of a new lap top?????


  9. Girl, I love it!!=) Love your board and letters, love, love the necklaces, love the work you=)

  10. ou are one of the funniest women i know .. (i just read the tamale making post:) now we want to finish those banners right? i have the cricut (big mama) sitting here on my tabletop and my own banner laid out unfinished. in order to "unfurl" or practice "the art of balance" i think we'd better get on it our intention banners. miss you!

  11. Everytime I see a new necklace that you make, I WANT IT, I cannot believe how talented YOU are!