Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Making Things

I’m getting ready for the show this coming weekend at Clark County.

I’m pretty excited that the sales are starting again, I’m making myself a little crazy doing random things around here.

One night last week I was feeling particularly wired and I made a crown.

wire crown 025

I like wire.

I finished the studio, then decided I would like it better in the front room. So I spent the next couple days, moving the rooms around.

Another good reason to have wheels on all the tables and cabinets…

I made a few necklaces.

wire crown 037

wire crown 038

I’m a little obsessed with journey these days.

wire crown 045-1

wire crown 047

All the reasons you might think.

Am I spending time doing what I want, am I enjoying my journey?

Or am I thinking more about the fact that one of my sons is in India.

He’s working there for a few weeks he seems to be enjoying the journey.

I’m skipping going to bed tonight, because the youngest of the big boys is going on an adventure and I’m taking him to the airport at 3am.

He is taking a trip with a friend to Chile.

He doesn’t know any one there.

Doesn’t have specific plans, doesn’t know when he is coming home, doesn’t know Spanish…

Sounds like fun!

I am just a wee little bit nervous, but I know it is his journey

I decided to send a little snack for the trip.

It’s been a few years since I made granola, so I looked on the internet and saw what the ingredients were.

I put some of just about everything.

A little butter, a little oil, some brown sugar, a little honey. A bit of vanilla, some almond flavoring and cinnamon.

I boiled that and started putting in nuts, almonds, pecans, walnuts, cashews, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, coconut and oats.

I baked it for a couple of hours in a low heat oven.

When I took it cooled just a bit,

I added raisins, cranberries and apricots.

food 006

Looks like a good snack for an adventure!


  1. Joy

    I love your soldered pendants. They are beautiful :).

    There's nothing like children that will cause a mother to worry. You have a great outlook on it. What a wonderful journey for them. Sometimes I wish I could be young again and willing to throw caution to the wind and just "live" my life. How fun ....and with mom's homemade granola to boot!



  2. Joy, It was really good to spend some time with you last week. Love your new studio area! I'm inspired to make some changes of my own. Also intrigued with your pendants - must have one soon. And ...kids! Is it any wonder that we have to use that magic shampoo to cover the gray? What a great take-along for him, granola. Mom's love in a bag! I'll have to remember that, cuz I know my time is coming one of these days soon and I'll be calling you for courage and share the "Mom worries"! Hugs

  3. Hi Joy...your new creations are fabulous. I can't wait to have one swinging happily from my neck!

    I think "worry" is part of our job description when we have kids :)

    See you next weekend! Laurie

  4. Hi Joy . . . I love your studio . . . your cool crown and necklaces . . . and the granola looks just wonderful!!

    I think we will always worry about our kids - thinking of you!! :) liz

  5. Love your journey necklaces. The granola yummy. Prayers for safe travels for your sons. Prayers for you too my friend.!!! Hugs Florence

  6. Hi Joy!
    It was great chatting with you at the clark county fairgrounds yesterday....you booth looked fabulous as usual and I love your darling necklaces..especially the little bottles! Sigh!just magical!

    Heart Hugs,

  7. lovely blog!
    i'll try that snack too!
    take care,

  8. i <3 Wire too :D xOx