Saturday, January 29, 2011


Still working on The Art of Balance.

clark county 067 

I’ve been adding a few things to "the board”.

clark county 068

I thought maybe I should look up the definition,

I  think there is still balance to be kept…



I’ll keep working on the board.




clark county 081

There’s still plenty of time.

But speaking of time….

I ‘m hoping  you will be at Tarte tomorrow.  Check out the details!


  1. You know I would if I could!
    Balance? Isn't that something we women try to do everyday without tripping and dropping the balls?

  2. Oh, I gasped in awe and love at your board and shelves and jars=)...And balance...I have no idea how...glad to know someone as talented as you is working on it too=)!!!

  3. Loving the work you have been doing to your board!! :) Cindy's opening was so magical yesterday - as always . . . sorry I missed seeing you!! xoxo - liz

  4. Wish I could be there! I thought I was doing good on my purging and cleaning but opened up a whole can of worms this weekend. Uh Oh! Your blog header is so inspiring to me...just love looking at it!