Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Art Camp

I was fortunate to attend another one of Terri Brushes ‘ wonderful Art Camps on the Oregon Coast this past week.   

It was a great time, not just for making art, but for also making new friends.

art camp 050 


A packet with treasures needed to create a bracelet.


art camp 060

A little soldering,

art camp 066

A little wire wrapping,

necklace 012


The back.


necklace 018-2


I always think the latest project is my favorite and this one is no exception!


necklace 010-2

I’m back home now  recharged and ready to get busy.

I am headed to Monticello to refresh my space.  The Spring Home and Garden Show will  be  going for another month.

  I hope you will check it out, the merchandise is continually changing with new items being brought in as others are selling. 

I have it on good authority that they are having a BIG sale for Mother’s Day…. 


  1. Joy, I miss you already! It was so fun to see you again. I love your laughter, it was such a special Art Camp. And Sarah LOVES the necklace you made for her. She had it on yesterday and I forgot to take a photo but I will soon and send it to you. Thank you so much for everything. Oh and don't forget to start on that recipe book with the "Hotter than Hell" enchiladas in it ; ) LOL! Big hugs xoxoxxo

  2. It seems you have great fun during Spring Art Camp. You have done appreciating job. I am very much glad to see this camp.

  3. Spring Art Camp would be full of fun and entertainment.I just added your site to my favourites for being able in the future. I am so much happy to see these art.