Friday, May 27, 2011

It Might Seem Like A Little Thing

There is more than a million details and projects to complete before we head to Spokane next week for the Farm Chicks Show

Truthfully probably more than a million…

to say I’m a wee bit stressed, might be the understatement of the year…

I have LOTS of inventory, mostly ready to price and load in the trailer.

What has me STRESSED is my peonies, I am so bummed…

farm chicks post 065

Generally I have buckets of fresh cut peonies to decorate my space.

Typically I’m worried they will be past their prime…

Does this look like a bud that will be ready to dazzle the masses in less than a week?

farm chicks post 069

How about these?

farm chicks post 074

I have 18 peony bushes, and not one is looking like it will pull through…

farm chicks post 084

With all the horrific weather reports around the country, it seems a little ridiculous to be complaining about our lousy weather…

The report is for only one sunny day before we leave ….

I love peonies,

farm chicks post 080

but I’m not the only one…

farm chicks post 089

Ants love peonies, 

Auntie’s love peonies…

I’ll be back before we leave with a peony report and maybe even a few sneak peaks of what will be coming with us in the trailer.


  1. Oh no!!! I adore peonies! I hope you have beautiful blooms in time for the show!!

  2. Joy, I'll be stopping by with my crew of 5 to see you at Farm chicks! Remember us from FC's and the San Diego Sale in Solano Beach/Terri Brush class last summer!! Can't wait to see all your pretties!! Are you in the same bldg? as last year?
    Hugs and Kisses!~

  3. Remember me--Verna's sister in Spokane. We just talked with my husbands parents in Silverton and they said they had to put their peonies in warm water to decorate for Memorial Day.They usually have to put them in the refrigerator to make them last until then At 88 I figure they know what they are doing! Can't wait until this coming weekend. FUN FUN FUN. See you at the Farm Chicks, Betty

  4. Joy, peonies and lilacs are my favorite flowers. My lilacs are blooming like crazy. My peonies are not liking me this year, sigh. Wishing you a beautiful weekend at Farm Chicks. Miss you!

  5. Love those peonies, I have never had gotten very good luck growing them, I guess this is not the year to try again. See you at Farm Chicks! Hugs! Florence

  6. All the peonies in my yard are gone due to storms here.(Missouri) I do have a few buds and took them inside but they haven't opened yet

    I know they make a beautiful show, hope yours opens for you


  7. Ohhh I hope your peonies bloom! I'm coming from Florida to see them, they don't grow here!

  8. Really great farms.All the things in these farms are just wonderful. Keep sharing!