Thursday, June 9, 2011

Farm Chicks = Fun Chicks

The peonies missed the party, I tried forcing them

farm chicks 235

But they were not going to co operate, no matter how many times I added warm water…

Then there was the major set back, when Dumbo (the rv) lost the use of his gauges and we had to return home for the truck.

farm chicks 050


But with all the setbacks and disappointments, we still made it with time to spare.

Thankfully I was traveling with an adult, who never gets ruffled or stressed.


I’m certain he wishes he could say the same…


We got the booth set up.

farm chicks 245

It was fun seeing everyone.

Here was a quick shot of Sue, Lisa and Patricia.


farm chicks 272

The very best part is the friends,

new and old that we get to connect and reconnect with each year

at Farm Chicks.

farm chicks 280-1

The times with friends are priceless.

Too bad we have to return home as soon as it is over,

when there is so much more fun that we could have had if there was only more time…

We had to be the last people who attended Farm Chicks to get home. 

It was a long drive in the old truck…


The good news that greeted us.

peonies 023

The peonies bloomed while we were away.

peonies 011

And a few of these pale oink ones.

peonies 008

Everything works better when the sun shines!!!


  1. Loved getting to spend time so much time with you this year. Hope dumbo breaks down next year too. Just kidding!

  2. I like all the stuff. And I am impress by these blog. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Joy, you always roll with the punches and find the positive in everything. I love that about you! Looks and sounds like I missed out this year.

  4. Lovely post Joy - soooo glad you made it there!!!!! As always - it was great seeing you at the show - you always make me smile . . . always!! Much love to you and your family!! See you soon at Barn House!! :) xoxo - liz

  5. Beautiful peonies you have there girl. Glad you made it home safe and sound. Hugs! Florence

  6. I'm so glad you made it and had a fun time! Your booth looks amazing as always! And I adore your peonies. I just told Tiffany I keep hoping to see peonies in the store to buy somewhere. What will your next adventure be?

  7. Your header was so great - and then the blog was so interesting. Thanks for a great read. So glad your peonies did bloom. Mine were late this year but finally, gorgeous color and perfume. Love them.
    - another Joy

  8. Looks like it was a fabulous time!! (as usual!!) LOVE LOVE LOVE your booth design..looks amazing!! (as usual!) Good luck this weekend in Camano:)

  9. Your peonies are lovely! Mine only had a few blooms this year, not sure why (damp cold spring?)
    At any rate; I enjoyed seeing yours!

  10. Really lovely post. I am impress with your booth designs. Looks awesome!