Thursday, August 25, 2011

Can You Hear Me Now?

What I mean is… before I write a post I usually “think it out” in my head first.  Sometimes I feel so happy that I have come with something “blog worthy” that I move on to the next project and never take that ever so important last step… the one where I sit in front of the computer and actually do it…

We have had the most amazing weather for the past couple of weeks, certainly makes outdoor shows a lot more fun! 


This past Saturday I was at Molly Mo’s and we had a wonderful time. 

I was under this great tree which provided shade all afternoon.

It is always a treat to be so close to home, and it is especially fun to see all my friends and customers in my home area.


With so many great shows in our area it is always hard to decide which to go to and in my case which I will participate…

Not one that wants to miss a good time it is hard to not “do them all.”

But with BALANCE as my motto,

I’m pacing myself and have a few weeks before my next show.

Coburg Antique Fair - First Sunday after Labor Day

You won't want to miss this!

Over 350 antique dealers from over six states bring their finest goods to the streets of downtown Coburg.

Food booths and musical entertainment make this an event for the whole family!

Admission and parking are free.

As usual everything always happens at the same time, 

I had to leave Molly Mo’s a few minutes before it was over to rush to the other side of town for a baby shower. 

If you are wondering how did all the treasures get packed and brought home?

Well, yes Dave the Driver came to the rescue once again…

I know, I’m so lucky,

I try not to take him for granted,

I am absolutely not trying to work him to an early grave.

Even Sam said last week, “I think you take advantage of Dad.”

To which I replied, well never mind,

 he is going to have a short break very soon…

I was glad to be able to go to the shower.

Many of you might remember Brianna.

She worked for me when Sam was a baby,

while she was in high school.

Sam thought she was his sister, he called her Brawanna.


Her maiden name is the same as my older boys and I told her,

she should marry one of them and keep her name or hyphenate it,




  1. I can't wait to meet you and "Dave" the driver! Have fun!

  2. Oh-yeah, laud and clear!
    I wish I could "squeeze-hug" you -)))

  3. Thanks Joy for being a vendor again this year, we had a great show!! I can't believe Brianna is going to be a mommy! I have lots of memories of her chasing after Sam and helping you out, she's all grown up - Wow, time flies.....

    love ya,

  4. What a great Show, I could spend hours trolling through Treasures like this! *swooning*

    Dawn... The Bohemian