Monday, August 1, 2011

Too much fun?

What’s that mean?


It’s like a girl too pretty, with too much class.

I didn’t see that was Celeste and Dan of Chaps (Spokane)

in line when I took this picture.


They were definitely not alone…

A minute or two before opening, a quick picture of my neighbors.



Worthy Goods


Just 24 hours earlier Dave the Driver/Loader/Builder…


I love a man that knows how to use a ladder


I made a new sign for my booth.

In case I was walking around and couldn’t find my way back.


A view from the other front side.


I was so happy that my sister Toni was able to come help for the day.

She brought the beautiful sweet peas from her garden.


The tow truck sold, hopefully I won’t be needing it…


There is that song that keeps running through my mind,

Too much fun what’s that mean
It's like too much money, there’s no such thing
Its like a girl too pretty, with too much class
Being too lucky, a car too fast.

No matter what they say I've done, well I ain't never had too much fun
Give me the reins and let me run
cuz I ain't never had too much fun.

I’d like to say it was a very, very hot day.

The running water became too much of a temptation.

I will admit to dangling my toes in the trough…



However, if you see a picture of me in the tub with Joe,

I hope you remember that pictures can be manipulated,

and really… would I do that???

Thank you Joe and Jermonne it was perfect!

I have definitely had too much fun!


  1. It was good to see you at the show on Saturday. I love your new cards with the roses on them; they are so pretty. Have a great time in San Luis Obispo....I can't wait to see the photos :).

    Chloe Rose

  2. You never can have too much fun!!!!!! I'm sure with the fun came exhaustion. Oooh, there in the picture is my pump, yeppers, my very own!!! I'll email later to arrange to pick it up. The show this year was fabulous!!!!

  3. You always bring a lot of fun to anything you do. I love your laugh, every time I hear it, it makes me smile. Travel safely onto your next adventure. Hugs! Florence

  4. Wow. These are great stuff! I love them all. Thanks for sharing this and I think you should always have fun! fun! fun!

  5. Your booth looks so great, as always!!

  6. Glad to find your blog via Barn House. :-)
    You had awesome stuff at the sale on Saturday! I WANTED those lockers, but they were sold by the time I got to them (at about 9:20!?). :)~
    I'm a Silverton girl, too!
    Woohoo! :-)

  7. Joy you are my go to girl for happy, positive and fun!! I was straight across from your booth and I can verify, that yes you and Joe shared a "special moment" in the tub;)

  8. It was so great to meet you! I'm so happy to have bought the last mirror necklace & of course the amazing steel stand with trays. Thank you so much for delivering it with your husband. You are both too sweet. It's already being put to good use. I have started organizing all my crafting and jewelry suppies in the trays! I'm so excited to go to your next sale!

  9. LOVE what you do . . . LOVED your booth . . . and of course LOVE you both!!! :) xoxo - liz

  10. I'm pretty sure that you have fun in everything you do, Joy. It looks like it was the perfect day! *enjoy the remainder of summer*

  11. Ooh Auntie, you are always having too much fun! I have never seen you without a smile on your face or having that signature laugh moment. We all love it and love you :o)



  12. It was nice to see you at the show on Saturday. I like your new cards with the roses; they are so nice.Have a great fun!

  13. As per my visit of your blogs, You always bring a lot of fun to anything you do. I'm so happy to have bought the last mirror necklace and of course the amazing steel stand with trays.

  14. It seems that you had lots of fun. It looks like it was the perfect day. Enjoy the summer days!

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