Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Save the Date

We are so looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day this year.

That is the date for,

SVM Logo - Cross on left

Saturday, March 17th



We will be loading Dumbo, (the rv)

hitching up the trailer (aka the lead sled)

and traveling north to Bainbridge Island.

My friend Liz hosts



 Seabold Vintage Market's Spring Flea.

Not only should you save the date…

but I would also ask that you cross your fingers, that we don’t have “an issue” with Dumbo…

If you have followed our “adventures”  for any time at all, you know how temperamental he can be…

I invited Cindy,


to travel and share the trailer with us.

I’m pretty sure the Queen would not be thrilled, stranded on the side of the highway…


photograph by the awesome Robin Laws.


  1. Have a great sale! I will be in sunny California visiting my daughter. Hugs! Florence

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  3. Hi Anutie Joy! Just wanted to let you know that I will be at Farm Chicks again next weekend. Will you be there? I will come find your booth for sure!


    Tharen Inverso
    (Shirley Michael's daughter) ;)